Friday, December 19, 2008

Kerrzy’s Notebook: RoboForsberg poised for NHL return?

PETER FORSBERG wants to come back now too?!?

The Denver Post says Peter Forsberg wants to play in the ’09 NHL playoffs…for the Colorado Avalanche.

Peter Forsberg is recovering from – you guessed it – surgery on his troubled right foot and told Swedish TV show “Hockey-night” of his intentions this past week, also addressing rumors that he is part robot.

As for his wish to resume a very successful professional hockey career, Forsberg doesn’t want to come back for just any part of the season…

No sir…right to the playoffs, please.

Last year Forsberg racked up nine regular season appearances and appeared seven more times in the playoffs for the Colorado Avalanche after signing a one-year deal on February 25th. Even in that limited number of games, the 35-year-old still missed time due to various injuries.

After addressing his plans to play this season, the rumored cyborg also shed some light on how he was able to play with his wonky foot last year:

"(I had) a battery package hidden in my pants. When I turned it on, the foot straightened in the skates," Forsberg said. "It was kind of funny.”

If he could find a similar contraption for his back and his groin maybe RoboForsberg could play for a few more years!

I wonder if he thinks Colorado will actually make the playoffs.

Who throws a shoe?!

Gary Bettman swung through Edmonton last week, speaking to a local group ahead of one of the Oilers worst-ever losses on home ice.

Bettman threw his support behind a new rink for the Oilers, discussed his disgust over the whole Sean Avery thing and talked about how much more exciting the NHL is this year with more come-from-behind wins and lead changes.

While I, too, am down with a downtown rink for the Oil, think the Sean Avery thing was ridiculous and agree that the NHL is very exciting this year, not to mention high scoring…that’s about all myself and Mr. Bettman agree on.

I just wish someone had told me he was coming – I would have had my shoes ready!

Also…classic quote from President Bush about the shoe-throwing incident:

"I don't know what the guy said, but I saw his sole.”

Blackhawk downed

And lets take a moment, shall we, to reflect on last Tuesday’s blowout at Rexall Place.

An own goal, a shorthanded goal (on the same play), four power play goals and eight different scorers…that was the case in Chicago’s 9-2 thumping of the Edmonton Oilers, exactly 13 years and one day since the last time the Oil allowed nine goals in a game.

Even worse for Sam Gagner, he was playing against his former London Knights teammate Patrick Kane, who scored the game’s opening goal and added two assists.

It was as if the Blackhawks were shooting into one of those NHL prototype nets!

Remarkably, that was the second time in five days that an NHL game ended with that score (the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the NY Islanders 9-2 on December 11th). So the question remains – how long until we finally see a team hit double digits???

Teams have been flirting with the elusive double-digit mark all season long, and quite frankly, I think it’s time.

To those who say “we need to increase scoring in the NHL” – Thursday night saw an 8-5 win for Boston, a 6-0 shutout for the Red Wings (over the league-best San Jose Sharks), a 6-5 shootout win for Dallas and a 6-3 win for the Pens (with a couple of *2-1’s, a 4-2 and a 5-2).

The number of high scoring affairs so far this season is hopefully putting “ways to increase scoring” on the backburner of the NHL’s decision makers – but what better a way to do it than by scoring 10+ goals in one game!

(*For the record: The Lightning were ROBBED in the shootout against Colorado...there’s no way Mike Smith “threw his stick” on that play)


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