Monday, January 12, 2009

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Extreme Makeover?

Don’t be surprised if Jarkko Ruutu looks a little different the next time you see him.

The NHL suspended Ruutu for two games after he bit the gloved thumb of Buffalo Sabres tough guy Andrew Peters, as Peters gave the pesky Fin a face wash.

Now, we all know it’s was a tough week for European hockey players and fighting (we’ll get to the Alexander Semin “fight” in a second), but come on Jarkko; a guy puts his hand in your face and you bite him??

Mr. Tyson, rather, Mr. Ruutu denies the whole thing, saying “his fingers were by my mouth, but I didn’t bite him.”

The craziest part is, it was Peters who got a two-minute minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, while Ruutu sat on the Senators bench!

Now, I’m not saying Ruutu is going to go out and get his face tattooed and start collecting pigeons right away, but it’s a slippery slope.

Surely Jarkko is embarrassed by this latest biting incident – but there’s another player out there that won’t hear the end of what he did for way longer.

That player is Alexander Semin of the Washington Capitals.

On January 3rd, Semin got in his first NHL fight as the Capitals beat the New York Rangers 2-1. Now, to call it a fight…I mean, I guess it was a fight by definition.

Rangers defenseman Marc Staal grabs onto Semin and pulls his jersey right over his head, but trips and falls, and that’s when Semin, umm, takes over the tussle.

Watching Semin making it rain on Staal with that flurry of blows is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Poor guy. And to make matters worse, since his jersey wasn’t tied down he was given a game misconduct!

From Russia with…love?

Here’s a new one – have you ever heard of a coach being ‘benched’ by the GM of a hockey team?

It seems that’s exactly what happened last Thursday in the KHL.

Avangard Omsk was down 1-0 to Vityaz Podolsk after two periods, when Canadian Wayne Fleming was told to go home.

Maybe something is lost in translation here – but this is for sure the first time I’ve ever heard of a coach getting benched. The sick thing is, the team rallied in the third and won 2-1 in overtime!

Originally it was reported that the former assistant coach with the Calgary Flames and Team Canada had been fired, but by Saturday Fleming was told he was the head coach again.

What’s next, the coaching staff getting bag skated after an embarrassing loss?

Shanny’s back!

Brendan Shanahan is coming back to the NHL!

Days after Mats Sundin played his first game of the season, the New Jersey Devils announced that they had agreed in principle to a deal with their #2 pick in the 1987 draft.

The almost 40-year-old three-time Stanley Cup champ hasn’t played since the Pittsburgh Penguins eliminated his New York Rangers from the playoffs last season.

According to reports, Shanahan grew tired of waiting for an offer from the Rangers after becoming a UFA and started talking to the Devils in September.

In 1,490 career games, Shanny has 650 goals and 1,340 points. I can’t wait to see him back in the lineup!

I’d take Shanahan over Mats Sundin any day of the week, and I guarantee he’s not making near as much as the newest Canuck.

Goin' to Winnipeg?

The poor Phoenix Coyotes…these “tough economic times” have hit that club hard.

They’re borrowing money from the league, they’ve laid-off ten percent of their non-hockey staff and their debt is said to be $80-million and counting.

Are the Coyotes that bad of a team? Far from it.

They are 7th place in the Western Conference after 43 games with a 21-17-5 record, they’ve got a solid mix of youth and experience on their roster and the most well known hockey player ever behind the bench.

In most, or any hockey town, that would be enough to keep a team afloat. In a non-hockey market like Glendale, Arizona, I guess not. How do you think the people of Winnipeg feel about this whole scenario?

When the Winnipeg Jets ran into financial trouble, the fans, the city and the province did literally everything they could to keep the team. If the Phoenix Coyotes end up folding, will the people of Glendale/Phoenix really care? In two or three years, will they miss hockey?

I’m just guessing, but probably not. Also, a 1-0 shootout win at home probably doesn’t help matters. I’d enjoy a game like that, but you’re not trying to sell the game to me!

Wouldn’t that be something if they wound up back in the ‘Peg?

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