Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Prototype Nets

That was quite the show put on by some of the NHL’s best players on Sunday night in Montreal – a 12-11 shootout win for the Eastern all-stars over the West.

As far as the boxscore is concerned, it seems the league wouldn’t mind seeing a few more games with numbers like that.

In his eternal quest to upset Canadian hockey fans, Gary Bettman isn’t quite done with the idea of new, goal-friendly nets. The league apparently tested a new prototype last week at a Maple Leafs practice.

Unlike the last time we heard the term “prototype net,” this one actually looks like what we’ve come to know as a hockey net. The difference is the oval-shaped posts, with the hope that more iron-bound pucks will go post-and-in.

Is the game in desperate need of a scoring boost? No! Leave it alone!

There’s nothing wrong with the number of goals being scored or the number of scoring chances being created…so just stop changing things!

Speaking of scoring chances…what’s with that breakaway challenge in the Skills Competition anyway?

It’s a good idea and I like seeing guys throw out their best dangles, but the one that won wasn’t a sweet move, it was just funny.

Preds buying their own tickets?

The Nashville Predators are taking an interesting approach to making sure they don’t miss out on revenue-sharing funds -- you guessed right, they’re thinking about boosting ticket sales by buying up some unsold seats!

A couple of weeks ago we learned that the Phoenix Coyotes lost out on 25% of their share of the money because they didn’t sell enough tickets to meet the minimum targets.

According to the papers in Tennessee, the Preds are about 250 tickets short of averaging 14,000 fans.

Those unsold tickets could wind up costing the team in the millions of dollars!

If only the nets were bigger and the posts were shaped differently, eh folks?

Air Miles

Travel has long been a big issue for teams on the west coast, but the Vancouver Canucks now actually have proof that all those air miles take their toll.

The team had a Fatigue Management Program crew take a look at their schedule for this season and predict parts of the year that the team would struggle, and wouldn’t you know it – they did.

The league has decided to look into the problem and see what they can do to cut down on Vancouver’s rough schedule, but hopefully they’ll take a closer look at the other teams nearby as well.

Hopefully the Maple Leafs don’t complain too…Bettman will make sure they never leave the ACC ever again.

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