Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: From the Q to the Clink?

If things don’t go his way, Jonathan Roy could go from the “Q” to the clink this summer.

It seems like all we talk about these days here in Kerrzy’s Notebook is fighting, but that’s because it’s just such an interesting beast!

Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy’s son Jonathan is going to trial in July on an assault charge stemming from a line-brawl in a QMJHL game last March.

Roy was suspended for seven games by the league, but is now dealing with the prospect of jail time if he’s found guilty of assault (and the evidence is all over YouTube!).

On March 22nd in a game between Roy’s Quebec Remparts and the Chicoutimi Sagueneens, a line brawl broke out. Everyone had a partner except poor old Jonathan Roy.

Roy tried and tried to advance up the ice so that he could engage the only other guy not fighting, but the linesman kept getting in his way. Finally, an extra set of stripes was needed along the boards, and Monsieur Roy was off to the races.

He skated to the top of Bobby Nadeau’s crease and started unloading on the Chicoutimi net minder, who didn’t fight back at all.

When he was done filling in Nadeau, Roy even pulled a Ray Emery and got into a brief tussle with a player as he skated away!

But back to the issue at hand here: Assault charge? Are you kidding me?

Yes, Nadeau didn’t fight back…but of all the over-the-top things that have happened in the NHL over the past five years or so, how many have become police matters?

Shouldn’t EVERY player involved in that line brawl be prosecuted? I’m sure Nadeau wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to fight.

And before you say, “Roy shouldn’t have fought,” lets try to better understand the situation.

In my last year of Midget “AA” hockey, my team was the Charlestown Chiefs of the league, and one afternoon we were involved in a line brawl.

I won’t get into all the awesome details, but I found myself in a similar situation to Roy. I was standing there on my own, the ref told me to go to my bench, but then one of my coaches yelled “Get in there and fight somebody!”

So I found the other guy that was wandering aimlessly and shed the mitts like a young Reggie Dunlop!

The point of that story is that if your coach tells you to get involved, you get involved. Especially if your dad is the coach (Patrick Roy was also suspended for five games because he encouraged his son)

I’m just saying, you can’t charge the younger Roy with assault without setting a dangerous precedent in the game of hockey.

Here’s a classic Patrick Roy fight:

Canada Bound?

The head of the NHL Players Association wants another team in Canada.

Paul Kelly says he wouldn’t be surprised if more than one team is forced to pack up and move in the next five years, and if that’s the case – Canada should be the place.

The obvious example is the Phoenix Coyotes, despite NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman saying the team is going nowhere.

Kelly says Toronto or the greater southern Ontario region could “certainly support” a second team but included Winnipeg is his list of places that could host an NHL club should a current team fold.

Who does he think will be the first to go? Kelly mentioned teams in “blue-collar” and the “sun-belt” areas.

Good on him!

You won’t hear Gary Bettman talking like that…ever! He’d move a club to Hawaii, Alaska or Mexico before he looked to Canada.

Kelly for Commish!

The Great Eight pots 200

Alex Ovechkin marked his 293rd career NHL game by putting himself in very good company and scoring his 200th career NHL goal.

Only legendary scorers like Wayne Gretzky, Mike Bossy and Mario Lemieux found mesh 200 times in their first four seasons in the big leagues.

Think about that – 200 goals in under 300 games. To celebrate that moment, here’s a video I found with 50 of his best mesh ticklers!

New rule Penn-ding for UFC

Last week we discussed the dominating performance of George St. Pierre at UFC 94 in a TKO win over BJ Penn…this week, it’s all about Vaseline.

Penn’s camp accuses St. Pierre’s side of putting Vaseline on the fighter, while GSP’s corner argues it was a simple mistake.

The guy handling the Vaseline was the same guy helping St. Pierre with a breathing exercise by rubbing his chest and back. Was that the difference in the fight? No. Not a chance. Did that make it harder for Penn to grab onto St. Pierre? Probably.

Nevertheless, there’s word that the UFC has some new rules for corner men – they can’t handle Vaseline. The organization will provide one cut man for each fighter from now on, and only two people will be aloud inside the octagon between rounds.

Lets reflect once again though on the fight that was between GSP and Penn – what a beauty! If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do.

That’s all for this week!


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