Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kerrzy’s Notebook: A-Roid?

The latest NY Yankee to admit past steroid use is none other than the highest paid player in the big leagues, Mr. Alex Rodriguez (or, A-Roid as I’ll now call him).

The youngest player to hit 500 says he took a banned substance with his cousin between the years of 2001 and 2003, but it was an over-the-counter drug (over-the-counter in the Dominican Republic).

Rodriguez says the banned substance in question was supposed to give him a dramatic energy boost and was “otherwise harmless,” and blamed the decision to take it on being young and stupid.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he saw tears in A-Roid’s eyes during the press conference, and saw remorse…but here’s the question: Is he remorseful because he did it, or because he got busted?

Only one man can answer that question, but I’ll say this – as a fan of Rodriguez, I’m a little disappointed that he’s involved in this scenario, BUT…I’d be more disappointed if we were talkin’ HGH or something.

It’s a shame that the player most likely to set the home run record will have these question marks following his stats no matter what.

When will baseball lose its last ounce of credibility? A few more of these stories and you’ve got to think it’s all over for America’s pastime.

Hey, that’s MY stick!

Washington’s Mike Green set an NHL record for a defenseman earlier this month by scoring in eight straight games – and the Hockey Hall of Fame came calling.

They wanted the historic stick in the hallowed halls, but Green said no, or at least not yet.

Basically he told them they can have it when he’s done, because he scored all 10 goals in that eight game stretch with that very same stick!

The update on this story is that after Wednesday night’s game between the Caps and the Habs, Green decided the right thing to do would be to send it off to the HHOF.

He said it was better that it go there than sit in his garage and maybe end up getting lost. Good on ya Mike!

Terrible Towels?

The Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers are known for the Terrible Towels…but if you don’t have any towels, watch out!

Steelers kicker Jeff Reed is facing charges after throwing a hissy fit at a convenience store east of Pittsburgh because their bathroom didn’t have paper towels.

Police say he broke the towel dispenser and then swore at employees (his wet hands probably got water everywhere too).

So let that be a warning to you, tiny borough of New Alexandria.

Pray to God a high profile celeb like Jeff Reed doesn’t need to dry his hands the next time you’re out of paper towels!

Mad Dangles

If you missed it – Brazil’s Robinho scored a filthy goal last Tuesday that practically redefines the word dangle.

Twenty-seven minutes into a 2-0 win over Italy, the 25-year-old Man City forward stole the ball from Andrea Pirlo, beat three players and rustled the mesh with a perfectly placed shot to the opposite corner.

That’s ridiculous skill on display right there. I guess that’s why he pulls in over $280,000 a week at his day job.

Speaking of highlight reel – I’ve got to say something about Nate Robinson.

The 5’9 New York Knicks guard dethroned Orlando’s Dwight Howard at the NBA’s Dunk Contest with an insane rim rocker OVER the 6’11 centre.

Robinson’s green kryptonite shoes probably never thought they’d reach those heights as he sailed over Howard, who used a phone booth to change into his Superman cape earlier in the contest.

Howard is the man…he had a few pretty sweet dunks, including one on an 11-foot net.

Here’s a highlight package:

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those shoes sold for 20K on ebay according to brett the jet