Monday, March 9, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Downie in rare company!

Remember Steve Downie?

The guy who faced a 20-game suspension in the NHL before even playing in his first regular season game is in trouble AGAIN!

A handful of players have been sat down for at least 20 games by the league but not many, if ANY, players have faced equal discipline in the American Hockey League as well…until now.

Steve Downie’s latest 20-game suspension came after he slashed an official after he dropped the puck on a face off. Yeah, not the smartest tool in the shed.

It happened late in a game between Downie’s Norfolk Admirals and the Hershey Bears on February 28th.

Some reports say the Bears player was chirpin’ the 21-year-old former first round pick of the Flyers and he was just trying to slash his stick. Other reports will make you think it was just an honest mistake…

Either way here it is, you be the judge!

Downie fans will claim this one is a reputation call – and to an extent it might be.

But at the end of the day, it LOOKS bad and we can’t all climb into his head and figure out if he meant to do it.

The ‘other’ Alex redeems himself

Here is a story of redemption – kind of...

On January 3rd, Alexander Semin became the laughing stock of internet forums, sports talk shows and blogs alike for a hilarious "fight"with Marc Staal of the New York Rangers.

Last week though, Semin scored a goal that I feel redeems him for that silliness.

Unfortunately, this particular goal came in a 5-2 Washington loss to the Carolina Hurricanes...but it’s definitely worth another look.

With under ten seconds to go in the second period and the score 5-0, Alex Ovechkin taps the puck into the corner for the other Alex; Semin stumbles at the face off dot, falls to his knees while stickhandling and beats Cam Ward. Sick!

Here it is:

And as a journalist, I was always taught to localize a story if I can, so on the topic of goal scoring I give you this:

Edmontonian Tyler Ennis of the WHL’s Medicine Hat Tigers lit up the Prince Albert Raiders for SIX goals on February 27th. Here they are as the top play in the WHL Plays of the Week!

The first three are nice…but then things just get out of hand…

TO goes to Buffalo

It took just two days of “where will he go now” discussion for Terrell Owens to find a new place to call home – and it’s good news for Canadian NFL fans!

The Dallas Cowboys released the controversial receiver last week, but two days later he signed a one-year deal with Buffalo, worth $6.5-million.

Yeah, they’re taking a chance on Owens but he’s pulled in more TD passes than anyone else in the league over the last three seasons. So I think it’s a pretty good bet.

Bills QB Trent Edwards is entering just his second NFL season, and it could be a long one! All of TO’s other pivots have had dicey relationships with the six-time Pro Bowler.

Here’s a tip: just give him the ball Trent!

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