Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: We Eat Kids

When it comes to fine dining, pre-game meals or late night snacks, I’m pretty much on the same page as your average male.

When it comes to team mottos, the Maryland Lady Terrapins basketball team is on the same page as just one man.

Their motto is “We Eat Kids,” and yes – it’s a shout-out to Mike Tyson’s infamous tirade. The Washington Post website has a great read on this particular topic.

These girls sound crazier than Tyson in the interviews that Dan Steinberg does with them!

The phrase started as something to keep the energy up during one of their ‘Midnight Madness’ dance rehearsals (do they double as the cheerleaders?), and from there it became tradition.

Even the coaching staff got in on it eventually, saying things at halftime like: “We’re halfway through the kids’ body now, keep going,” and “Get to the feet.”

I’m sorry, but even as a motivational tool, that is messed up!

“Eat their kids is more a statement of domination, it’s a metaphor," said one player. A metaphor eh? Sure, whatever you say.

Whoever does the random drug testing in the NCAA should make their way to Maryland…but don’t bring the kids!

Celebrate good times, come on!

Anytime I ever scored a goal, I was always far too surprised/happy to do any sort of premeditated celebration. It was always: huge smile, hands in the air, find my teammates amid all the confusion ("KERR scored?!").

Had I been a more prodigious scorer in my younger days, I might be playing hockey for a living somewhere instead of journalizing, but one thing's for sure -- I would have had a go-to celly for when I bulged the twine.

That being said, I would have probably dreamed up a more elaborate celebration for a big goal and kept it in the back of my head for the proper time to let it out.

Usually, Alex Ovechkin throws his full weight into the glass, jumps on the nearest Washington player, or skates around beaming like it's the first goal he's ever scored. It's a thing of beauty, really.

But when AO scored his 50th goal of the season, making him the first Washington Capital to have three 50-goal seasons, he decided to use one of those 'special occasion' celebrations.

The thing is, not many people really understood what the heck he was doing and he wound up getting some bad press over it.

In the video, you'll see Ovie drop his stick and hold his hands above it for warmth. I thought he was trying to do the Sean Avery pushup thing, without actually going down on the ice...

Ovechkin has no regrets about the whole thing…as for other people around the league:

Georges Laraque thought "it was awesome." but Tampa Bay coach Rick Tocchet, who watched it from the opposition bench, told reporters that Ovechkin "went down a notch in (his) books after that."

He also took some flak from Don Cherry, but that's no surprise after his rant about Ovechkin "celebrating like a soccer player."

Misunderstood? I think so. Most people agree that Alex Ovechkin brings a certain flare, swagger and excitement that the NHL hasn't seen in a while...but MY beef with that celebration is that I had no idea what he was going for.

What ever happened to the Teemu Selanne skeet shooting?

When good goalies go Mad
Remember Tuukka Rask?

He first came on the radar as the goalie for Finland at the 2006 World Junior Hockey Championships, but hasn’t really caught on in the Big League.

Rask did get his name back in the headlines recently though, but not for his stellar goaltending with the AHL’s Providence Bruins.

The Bruins lost a 6-5 shootout decision to the Albany River Rats last Friday and Rask lost his MIND during the extra, extra frame.

Jakub Petruzalek skated in, had the puck knocked off of his stick…and scored a controversial goal. On the next shot, Albany’s Harrison Reed took a shot that appeared to hit the post, which was the game-winner.

Rask, disagreeing with the calls, goes absolutely NUTS, throwing his stick, kicking stuff…if only I could hear what he was saying!

He wasn’t the ONLY goalie that lost his cool this past week!

Martin Gerber flipped his lid when Brooks Laich scored in the last minute of Tuesday’s game between the Maple Leafs and the Capitals to tie it up – a goal that probably would have been called back had it been a player with a reputation of jamming the net.

Laich, and just about everyone else on the ice, was on the top of Gerber’s crease swinging away as the puck was sent out front, and appeared to push Gerber into the net with his stick.

When the referee signaled a goal, Gerber went ballistic and bumped shoulders with him, apparently firing a puck in his direction afterwards.

Since you can’t touch the guys with the stripy shirts, Gerber will sit for three games. Here’s the video of the whole incident:

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