Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Eight down, 42 to go!

It’s been over a week now since ‘the incident’…another ‘dreaded’ plotline for the Major Leagues of baseball.

Time flies when you play pro ball though – LA Dodgers female fertility drug taking super slugger Manny Ramirez has just 42 games left in his 50-game suspension for failing a drug test!

Initially I was heartbroken, but I’ve tried to keep myself busy and not think about it too much. The Dodgers have kept themselves busy with a packed schedule too…

I’m not an LA fan, so I don’t even care how the team has done since then, but since I was writing on this topic, I did check: they went from winning seven straight to losing more than they’re winning…which is expected, I guess.

The reason I’m bringing up this painful topic once again is because I found a couple of interesting things on the internet this week that have to do with this subject.

First up – a great read by die-hard Red Sox fan and ESPN writer Bill Simmons, which looks ahead to the year 2014 and his son’s first Bo-Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park.

He finds himself spending a lot of time justifying the ‘syringe era,’ if you will, of baseball. Very entertaining, well written stuff.

The other interesting thing I stumbled upon was an article by Yahoo! Sports columnist Jeff Passan who offers up his own semi-solution to baseball’s drug problem:

Lifetime bans!

Passan writes:

“Forget suspensions. Kick them out of the game. Forever. On the first positive. Take their money, their fame, their livelihood. Punish them for the disrespect they showed a sport that deserves so much better.”

Can you imagine if the league got the players association to agree to that? Who would be left to play the remaining 100+ games of the season??

All jokes aside, maybe the MLB should start by handing out something a little more serious than a two-month ban.

Fifty games is only 30% of the season.

What they should do is either give out serious punishments, or just let players do whatever they want to their bodies…because really, who cares? They're going to find a way to do it, and they obviously want to do it...

So here's what you do: replace the American League and the National League with the Human League and the Circus League and at the end of the year, the champs from both leagues could go head-to-head for the World Series.

Admit it...that would be fun to watch!

And so as to not taint the 'integrity' of the World Series...they could have a surprise drug test afterwards! Some years they have one, some years they don't...

Imagine the drama!

Let Kerrzy read it to you here:

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