Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Forbes is Stupid

Maybe in the future, writers with Forbes magazine should stick to making lists of billionaires and…whatever else they do.

Here’s why:

Any article that starts with the phrase “Wayne Gretzky is no longer the great one,” is bound to catch the eye of hockey fans anywhere.

Okay, $ports Money writer and Forbes National Editor Mike Ozanian, please tell us: Why is Wayne Gretzky no longer the great one?

In a blog post on last week entitled “Gretzky Stabs Bettman in the Back” Ozanian claims that over the years, Gretzky has “shafted Coyote fans with a lousy hockey team and a bloated payroll packed with cronies.”

Ozanian then implies that Wayner was the driving force behind the decision to file for bankruptcy when he writes “Gretzky, along with majority owner Jerry Moyes, dumped the Coyotes into bankruptcy court…”

Do you think this guy knows that Gretzky owns something like 1.5% of the team? I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure the minority owner of anything doesn’t usually make all the big financial decisions.

So why did Gretz make Moyes file for the big “B,” you ask? Ozanian has the answer:

“Even worse for the league, the guy Gretzky wants to sell to is Jim Balsillie, boss of Blackberry maker Research In Motion.”

Yes, not only does Wayne Gretzky boss around the majority owner of the team…HE decides who the team is sold to.

Here are two things that Mike Ozanian should know:

1. Wayne Gretzky has thrown his support behind the Jerry Reinsdorf bid to keep the team in Arizona, not the Jim Balsillie bid to move it to Ontario.

2. Gretzky says if the team leaves Arizona, he won't be coming.

So, Mr. Ozanian, what do you make of that?

Feel free to apologize to Gretzky in any upcoming blogs…although I likely won’t ever read another of your posts.

Ahh yes, and he had one final parting shot for The Great One:

“Bettman, the NHL and hockey fans deserved a lot better from Gretzky.”

You should probably stick to making lists of billionaires and…whatever else you guys do over there at Forbes.

If, at this point, you’re ticked off enough to write a strongly-worded letter, here’s the email for the editors at Forbes:

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