Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Nothing to Hide?

For the last decade or so, baseball has taken the brunt of the steroids-in-sports accusations, even when there are sports like bodybuilding and professional wrestling that sometimes showcase athletes that are so huge, there's just no way it's natural!

Perhaps this story will help shift the focus (you're welcome, baseball):

Last week's Belgian bodybuilding championships were cancelled after, get this, drug testers showed up, and all the competitors grabbed their gear and left!

Belgian drug testers have been busting bodybuilders left and right over the past few years...but instead of trying to clean up the sport, the organizers of this particular event just decided to move it across the Dutch border.

Not so fast! All it took was a bit of paperwork, and the border meant nothing.

How bad does it look for a sport when drug testers show up and the ENTIRE field of competitors runs away?

This probably has something to do with it: according to the Canadian Press, last year 22 of 29 tests were either positive or the bodybuilder refused to be tested - a whopping 75 per cent fail rate!

And you thought BASEBALL was bad!

As for hundreds of fans that showed up to take in the action, they were told to make like the bodybuilders and head out the door.

Now, we got to discussing this in the newsroom over here at iNews880, myself and Tim Calder, and we figured out a way to win a bodybuilding event without working out ONCE!

Here's what you do: show up to the event with a lab coat and a doctors bag, and as soon everyone heads for the door - hand in your entry form!

Let Kerrzy read it to you here:

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