Friday, May 29, 2009

Kerrzy’s Notebook: OT for MLS?

If I was a gambling man, I’d put money on Major League Soccer “Americanizing” the beautiful game very soon.

My Dad, a born and bred Scot, always asks me, “Why do North Americans hate ties so much?”

There are no ties in baseball, basketball, there are rarely ties in football, and hockey has just recently become the latest North American sport to get rid of them.

On this side of the pond, they’ve tried all kinds of things to try and “sell” the game of soccer to an offence-driven culture that wants goals, and lots of them.

Does anyone remember professional indoor soccer, with basketball-style three-pointers and really high scores?

Anyways, to my point: I have a feeling that somewhere at MLS headquarters, someone is devising a plan to alter the league rules to somehow eliminate ties.

Why, you ask? They’ve played one-third of the 2009 season and about 41 per cent of the games have ended without a winner!

That’s up almost 14 per cent from last season, and way above the number of ties that some of Europe’s top-flight leagues average in a season.

It’s so bad that only four of the league’s 15 clubs have more wins than draws. IT’S AN EPIDEMIC!!!!!

Why do us North Americans despise the tie so much, though? What is it about a winner not being declared that gets us riled up to the point that basically all of the main sports we play have outlawed the tie? Who knows!

What'll it be for Major League Soccer…overtime? Shootout? Skills competition where the fans text in their vote?

Or, a tie?
Let Kerrzy read it to you here:

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