Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Playoff recap, Day 21

Day 21 of the Stanley Cup playoffs featured the lack of a blown lead for the Canucks in Chicago, a totally blown call against the Wings in Anaheim and two teams going up by a game in their best-of-seven battles.

Here's the recap:

(Canucks 3, Blackhawks 1)

-For the first time in this Western Conference semi-final series, the Vancouver Canucks built up a multiple-goal lead and didn't blow it! In game one it was a three-goal lead (although they eventually won), in game two the Blackhawks scored five unanswered goals to erase a 2-0 deficit...but in game three, they could only get to within a pair. I like watching this series - these two teams have a real hate on for each other, and that's the perfect recipe for a great playoff matchup!

(Ducks 2, Red Wings 1)

-I've always hated when refs decide the outcome of a game by making a bad call at the wrong time. I know that the guys wearing the stripes are only human (allegedly)...but when Marian Hossa jammed that loose puck into the net with 1:09 to go, tying the game, I'm pretty sure Jonas Hiller and Brad Watson were the only people in the state of California that didn't see it lying there. I don't even believe that he really lost sight of the puck either, because Watson is standing right there. If the puck crosses the line before you blow your whistle, unless the net is off or you're calling a penalty, that's a good goal. The pundits say 'well, the ref had the intent to blow the whistle, so it doesn't matter that the puck crossed the line first' - are you KIDDING me?! How does that even make sense? The worst part of this whole thing is, it's not like the Red Wings can appeal that brutal, game-deciding call. All they can say is "we were robbed..."


*Washington @ Pittsburgh - 5pm (Series: 2-0 WAS)
*Boston @ Carolina - 5:30pm (Series: 1-1)

Also - this has nothing to do with the playoffs, but how about Jim Balsillie making another attempt at buying an NHL team?

How can Gary Bettman possibly block him this time? Bettman has put a stop to Balsillie's attempts at buying a team a couple of times before, but this time is a different situation altogether. The Research in Motion cofounder is putting up big money for a team that has just filed for bankruptcy after borrowing money from the league for part of the season, and he's offering to give them additional money to keep them afloat until the transaction...but (and here's the kicker), he will move the team (back) to Canada (southern Ontario, to be exact).

This will be an interesting thing to watch over the next little while. If you feel like getting behind Balsille, fire up your Blackberry and head to

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