Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Playoff recap, Day 28

With another two teams facing elimination, Day 28 of the Stanley Cup playoffs was bound to be exciting! And it was, as both the Boston Bruins and the Anaheim Ducks forced a game seven with clutch wins...

Here's the recap:

(Ducks 2, Red Wings 1)

-Maybe it's just because I'm watching this series as a Red Wings fan, but the officiating in game six seemed a bit questionable. There were tons of times where I thought there could have been a call against a Ducks player, and then the refs would turn around and call a soft one against Detroit.

For example: The Wings got two "holding" penalties on plays where the offending player was shoulder to shoulder with his opponent, in what looked like a simple battle for position (you could see both hands of the player not touching the other guy). It reminded me of the tripping penalty I saw in the Vancouver/Chicago series where the victim of the "trip" didn't fall.

Again, I'm probably just overly biased, but it was happening all night long. I'll stop short of saying the NHL wanted this one to go to seven, but it sure seemed that way at some points (combined with the game two no-goal...).

After not playing very well in the last two games, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry had a goal each and Jonas Hiller rebounded with a 38-save performance. In total Anaheim Ducks fashion though, they racked up two misconducts and 36 penalty minutes after the final whistle had blown.

They've taken at least a minor penalty after the buzzer in three of the six games in this series. Isn't the NHL against teams trying to 'send a message' in the late stages, or after the buzzer?

Scott Niedermayer threw a HUGE elbow to the face of an unsuspecting Pavel Datsyuk (which he BETTER be suspended for)...and so Niedermayer and Corey Perry (who have a combined 179 regular season penalty minutes) picked fights with Brian Rafalski and Datsyuk (who had a combined 44 pims). That's not the first time Datsyuk has been targeted at the end of a game.

If the league doesn't do anything I won't be surprised though, because I don't even think THEY know what their rules are anymore (ahem, Scott Walkers 'automatic' suspension that turned into a fine). Game seven goes Thursday.

(Bruins 4, Hurricanes 2)

-I was surprised to find out that the Carolina Hurricanes outshot the Boston Bruins 33-19 on Tuesday night, because usually when you watch a game where a team outshoots another by a margin like that - you notice! This series reminds me a bit of the WHL Championship final between the Kelowna Rockets and the Calgary Hitmen. Calgary was undefeated in the playoffs before losing the first three games of the series, but they stormed back with a 12-3 advantage in the next two games. Kelowna went on to win the series in six, but my point is that the Hitmen (Bruins) seemed to fall asleep for a couple of games before waking up and clobbering their opponents.

The game-winning goal in Tuesday night's game was a power-move by the big-bodied Milan Lucic that ended with a cross-ice pass to Marc Savard, who one-timed it past Cam Ward (who let in four goals on 19 shots). Lucic is one heck of a player! Savard left the game with a sore knee after a collision with Chad LaRose, but should be back for game seven on Thursday.

While anything can happen when these two teams meet again, I just don't see the Bruins losing this one the way they're playing!


*Pittsburgh @ Washington - 5pm (Series: 3-3)
-Sergei Gonchar could be back in the Pens lineup

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