Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Sending a Message?

It's a day later, and I'm still livid about what happened at the end of game six between the Red Wings and the Ducks.

Here's Scott Niedermayer on his elbow to the head of Pavel Datsyuk:

"I took a couple shots. I didn't even know who it was at first. A couple punches to the face, and after a couple I figured I'd try a couple myself."


Watch the video. Niedermayer and Datysuk are standing there holding onto each other, Datsyuk is looking at one of the other tussles (probably Perry/Rafalski)...and then BAM!

I was told by an NHL player agent that he heard the league was downplaying the Niedermayer elbow, saying it didn't connect but instead glanced off the shoulder of Datsyuk.

Okay, so it didn't connect with Datsyuk's mouth or throat. I guess their argument is that Niedermayer was just trying to throw out a 'warning shot,' of sorts?
If a guy has the intent, I don't think it matters what the end result is, especially when it happens after the game.

Maybe the NHL should show a little backbone and enforce some of the rules they put in place. Instigator? Niedermayer and Datsyuk both got fighting majors; what started the elbow? Sounds accurate.

No instigator penalty was issued on the play...but one WAS issued against Carolina's Scott Walker and the league went back on that, so it's not like the ref's call is the final word.

The NHL says its against teams 'sending a message' at the end of games.

Well, Ryan Getzlaf started the whole scrum by hooking Marian Hossa and then engaging in a shoving match with him as time expired and Scott Niedermayer tried to take Pavel Datsyuk's head off (yes, TRIED)...

If that doesn't count as trying to send a message, I don't know what you would have to do...Take off your skate and stab someone, Happy Gilmore style?

Let Kerrzy read it to you here:

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