Friday, May 29, 2009

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Someone You Can Look Up To

In the spirit of the NBA playoffs being down to the final four, I’m going to briefly switch my focus from hockey to basketball for this blog.

I won’t be talking about King James, Dwight Howard, Melo or Kobe though.

Instead, I bring you the story of 25-year-old Sun Mingming. The Chinese centre is definitely someone that just about everybody around him looks up to…they’ve got no choice, he’s 7-foot-9!

The Chinese centre is so tall that he basically has to go on his tippy-toes to dunk the ball! Forget his fellow Chinese baller Yao Ming – I want the double Ming on my team!

Is this guy the next big thing (literally) to come out of China and into the NBA?

Maybe. Sun had a tryout with the LA Lakers back in 2005, but was let go because he wasn’t aggressive enough and didn’t have the stamina to compete at that high level.

Later that summer though, it was discovered that he had a benign brain tumor pressing against his pituitary gland – causing an overproduction of growth hormone, which caused unstoppable growth to parts of his body.

It was also preventing the proper production of testosterone, which meant decreased stamina and endurance.
The tumour was successfully removed later that year, and since then Sun has been rackin’ up lots of Air Miles playing in leagues all over the place.

Since 2005, he has played in the United States Basketball League, the American Basketball Association, the International Basketball League (where the Edmonton Energy play), Mexico’s pro league and in Japan.

If Sun Mingming finds himself pulling on an NBA jersey in the future, they’ll probably have to special order his uniform as he’ll be the tallest player in the history of the league!

Seriously, guys that are huge by regular human standards look tiny next to this guy. Could anyone even cover him?!

Oh, and if you’re thinking “Gosh, I know I’ve seen him somewhere before...but it wasn’t on the court,” that’s because he made his Hollywood debut in Rush Hour 3!

Let Kerrzy read it to you here:

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