Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Bending Over Backwards

If what I'm about to tell you is true, it's just another example of the National Hockey League bending over backwards to please a company that doesn't even pay them for the rights to broadcast their games.

It's long been rumoured that the Boston Bruins will host the Washington Capitals at Fenway Park in the opening game of what is now apparently a Winter Classic doubleheader - but there are now reports to the contrary!

Apparently, the NBC (who basically gets to broadcast games for free, remember) is upset with that matchup and wants the Philadelphia Flyers instead...and the NHL said okay! WHAT?!

It seems the NBC wasn't happy with the ratings the Capitals drew during their first round series with the New York Rangers in this year's playoffs, so they were weary about featuring them in their biggest hockey telecast of the season.

This, despite the fact that Washington is led by the league's reigning two-time MVP, who is hands-down one of the most exciting, entertaining players, on and off the ice, in the entire league.

Maybe the Rangers were the reason no one cared about that series - they're not exactly the most exciting team in sports. And have they already forgotten how brutal Philly looked in their opening round series? The team with six 20+ goal scorers couldn't buy a goal in the playoffs this year.

You're probably asking yourself 'what's the compromise in all of this?'

To make it look like they didn't just completely roll over on this one, the Capitals remain a possible opponent for the New York Rangers for a game that could be played at Yankee Stadium in 2011.

Yeah, you heard right. The Capitals will be considered for a game that isn't a certainty as of right now. Way to stick it to 'em Gary!

I wish the NHL would stop catering so hard to a company that doesn't pay a dime for some of the most exciting hockey we've seen in years. It's actually getting a wee bit pathetic.

If NBC said jump, what do you think the NHL would say? I think we've all got a pretty good idea.

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