Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Air Jordan!

Back in early July, the King was humbled, if only just for a few seconds.

Xavier sophomore Jordan Crawford took to the skies over LeBron James during a pickup game at the LeBron James Skills Academy, dunking on the NBA superstar in front of a court full of players and a few onlookers, including some with cameras.

Rather than letting it go and getting on with things, LeBron took action.

According to the people in attendance, he walked over to a Nike staff member and spoke to him right after being dunked on. That person then approached photographer and blogger Ryan Miller and told him he wasn't allowed to film the event and told him they were going to confiscate his tape.

Miller blogged about the incident afterwards, pointing out that there are no rules against filming, even providing the documentation to back up his claims. So what was the problem then?

In basketball, getting dunked on or getting posterized by another player is a big deal that is usually followed by a stare down (though it didn't in this case) and/or people on the sidelines going nuts (which definitely happened).

What likely happened here is James knows how fast things travel on the internet and wanted to do some damage control.

What James didn't know is that by confiscating the video evidence, it really becomes newsworthy! The other thing he didn't know is that by confiscating the tape, it becomes a hot commodity and eventually finds its way to the public!


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