Friday, July 24, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Double Jeopardy?

Michael Vick and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have apparently sat down for a chat about the newly-sprung quarterback's future in the league.

Sports Illustrated says the meeting between Vick, a couple of other guys and the commish took place at a small security firm in New Jersey on Wednesday afternoon. That's about all the article says, because the NFL won't say anything and Vick would be smart not to either.

The former Atlanta Falcons standout just finished serving a widely-publicized 23-month prison sentence on a dogfighting conviction and is hoping to have his indefinite suspension in the NFL lifted before next week, when the majority of training camps across the league begin.

Vick's release wasn't without a dash of controversy - but I'm not even going to touch that story!

Now to the debate - should Michael Vick be allowed to play football in the NFL again?

My response is YES! I think it would be unfair to keep a guy out of a league after he served his time for the crimes he committed. There are obvious arguments to that statement, but it's just how I feel. The guy made some mistakes and he served hard time (not the couple of days in prison that many Hollywood celebs seem to get for their crimes these days) - so let him back in!

Now, there's a strong, or at least decent, possibility that no team will sign him if he is reinstated - but I think it's only fair that he is given the opportunity.

Another issue is animal rights groups like PETA getting involved.

PETA says Michael Vick's return to the NFL should be pending the results of a psychological test to see if he is capable of showing remorse. Personally, I think PETA should stay out of it.

Like I said the first time I blogged about what might happen with Vick once he's out of jail, I value the role that groups like PETA play in the grand scheme of things; I really do. However, if they start protesting if or when Vick is reinstated, we'll know they're just in it for the headlines.

Again - the guy made some mistakes, he served time in a federal penitentiary for those mistakes and he deserves a second chance. Nobody's perfect, and PETA is no exception (according to, the organization found homes for less than one of every 300 animals in 2008, killing 95% of the dogs and cats in their care).

Enough of that though - the issue here is whether or not Michael Vick deserves another chance this season in the NFL.

Would anything else be tantamount to a form of double jeopardy? There's talk of Vick being reinstated, but with something like a four-game ban. Would that be fair, considering he's been suspended since late August of 2007?

What do you think?

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