Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Something in the Water?

In honour of the high-profile soccer game between English club Everton and Argentina's River Plate that is set to hit Edmonton in less than two weeks, we're talking a little soccer today...

There's a bizarre trend striking Canadian professional soccer teams - first it was the Vancouver Whitecaps, now it's the Montreal Impact. Why are their players assaulting each other on the field?

Every now and then in the NHL you'll hear about a fight between teammates during practise (see below) - but in this case, to reverse-quote Allen Iverson: "we're not talkin' about practise, we're talkin' about the game!"

Last month, a couple of Vancouver Whitecaps got involved in a mid-field shoving match after a botched two-on-one late in a 3-2 win over Miami FC. The ensuing disagreement landed defender Wesley Charles a straight red card and striker Charles Gbeke a yellow, followed by another yellow for kicking around some water bottles.

If you fast-forward this video to about the eight minute mark, you'll see what I'm talking about:

Both players were suspended for one game by the United Soccer League and then an additional game by their club. Not even one month later, we've got another incident to report!

This time it happened in a game between a couple of Montreal Impact players in a game against the Minnesota Thunder this past weekend.

As players were getting ready to take a free kick in a 3-0 win for Minnesota, Impact midfielder Sandro Grande grabbed team captain Mauro Biello by the throat! The incident was caught by a photographer, and surely a few people in attendance.

Grande was suspended by his team, but the length of that suspension wasn't disclosed.

Who just walks up and chokes a teammate during a game?! That is a serious disagreement right there if you decide that choking another guy (nevermind a teammate, nevermind the team captain) in front of over 3,000 people is the right way to settle things.

I still find it so strange that this same sort of thing would happen twice, both to Canadian teams, in less than a month though. Maybe it's time to start watching some of these games!!!!!

And now, as promised - a classic NHL practise fight between teammates!

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