Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Spy Games

Coming into week three of the CFL season, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can't possibly be the most desperate team in the league, can they?

The defending Grey Cup champion Calgary Stampeders have given up at least 40 points in their first two losses, and the BC Lions are falling apart at the seams - but according to the Globe and Mail, it's the Bombers that are accused of spying on their next opponent!

According to reports, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats confiscated more than a dozen pages of notes and diagrams of formations at practise on Tuesday from a visitor named Ron Trentini - who later confessed to scouting for Winnipeg.

Spying on the Ti-Cats? Really?

I could see the Bombers spying if they were about to play the Montreal Alouettes or something, especially given their 40 and then 50 point performances so far this season, but Hamilton? Sure they just won a game, but that was their fourth win in their last 20 games!

Oddly enough, the Alouettes were caught spying twice in the 2004 season - but that's neither here nor there.

We don't know yet if the league will take any action on the Blue Bombers. What we do know is that Trentini (if that's even his real name) isn't a very good spy, and the president of the Tiger-Cats is a funny guy!

Here's what Scott Mitchell had to say to the Globe and Mail regarding the spy games:

"To be honest, we probably made a mistake by escorting him out. Considering how quickly he gave up his contacts and his reason for being there, we probably should have bought him lunch and asked him some more questions, who knows what we would have found out?"

Aren't spies supposed to put up a fight before they give up information? Or at the very least, make some kind of daring escape?

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