Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: The Favre Files

Remember the fable about the pro football player who cried retirement?

Probably not, and for these three reasons:

1) It hasn't been written yet.
2) Fables don't usually deal with exciting topics like retirement.
3) There's no need to pen this story, because it's playing out in front of our very eyes.

Yes, I'm talking about "retired" quarterback Brett Favre, the three-time NFL MVP who owns or has a share of just about every career record for his position, but is now probably best known for talking about retiring every year, only to come back and play.

On July 29th, after months of soul searching, Favre decided a return to the NFL wasn't in the cards, saying he didn’t feel like he could put his body through the grind of another season.

So why are we still talking about it?

Well, it’s now about half a month later, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback job is apparently still up for grabs, and yesterday there was a new round of speculation that Favre is their guy.

That speculation started with Jay Glazer writing that “damn near everybody” on the Vikings was convinced that Favre is playing this season, and a day later - he's baaaaaaack!

Glazer listed four clues that pointed to Favre throwing on the purple, yellow and white when the season begins - the one that I found funny was this: Favre hates camp.

Ahhh, so when he said he didn’t feel he could perform at the professional level for another season, he meant he’d play if he could skip camp?

Seems fair.

All I know is, if Brett Favre expects a lot of fanfare when he finally does retire for good, he might have another thing coming – at least until we’re all completely sure he isn’t coming back.

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