Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Heatley Speaks!

Edmonton Oilers fans waited a long time for some answers from Dany Heatley - and on Friday, they got them.

That's when Heatley spoke publicly for the first time about a summer that's seen him demand a trade from the Ottawa Senators and reject a possible trade to the Oilers - the only offer so far that had Sens GM Bryan Murray asking the two time 50-goal scorer to waive a no-movement clause.

When Heatley was asked about the potential trade to Edmonton, he mentioned over and over again that it's nothing to do with the city of Edmonton - he just felt he needed more than one option before he could make a decision.

Not only does Heatley want other options - he says "I know that there are other teams out there." TSN spoke with Bryan Murray though, who painted a different picture of how things have progressed, saying:

"I think (the Heatley camp) believed that I would present them with four teams who were willing to give Ottawa a package (for Heatley), and he could pick and choose from them. That has not been the case by any means. There are still a couple of teams that I'm talking to, but they are nowhere close to (offering) what I need to get back to protect this franchise."

Unfortunately for Heatley, he's only one season into the six-year, $45-million contract extension that he signed in October of 2007, and I don't think there are a ton of teams out there that can afford his $7.5-million cap hit.

One team that was willing to pay the big bucks though, both literally and figuratively, was the Edmonton Oilers. That changed at the end of July though, when Oilers GM Steve Tambellini said they were no longer interested.

Sounds like Heatley wasn't really interested either though.

"(The Oilers) were not on our initial list of teams that I gave the Senators to talk to," Heatley said, adding that " it came as a big surprise" when Edmonton emerged as the highest bidder. He admitted he had some good talks with the Oilers brass, who flew out to visit him for some face-to-face time...but (and nothing against Edmonton), he just wasn't ready to make that decision.

It's pretty clear that Heatley just really didn't want to come play here, but didn't want to hurt our feelings by saying it like that. Instead, he went with the 'it's not you, it's me' type of answers.

As for what else was said on the day, Heatley let it be known that he was upset his trade request (which still stands) was made public, and said the reason for that request was because of a diminished role with the club. He also said, should he still be a Senator when training camp opens, "I'll be ready to go."

What do you think? Should Edmonton Oilers fans be mad? Let me know how you feel!

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