Monday, August 17, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: NFL Justice

As one suspension is about to end, another is handed out in the NFL, and it really makes you wonder!

In late July, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell granted Michael Vick a "conditional reinstatement" to the league, which could turn to a full reinstatement by as late as week six of the upcoming season.

On Thursday, the same day Vick signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, Goddell announced a one-year suspension without pay for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte' Stallworth.

Vick was sentenced in 2007 to 23 months in prison for bankrolling a dogfighting ring and helping kill pit bulls that didn't do well in fights. He served 20 months in prison and two months of home confinement before being released from federal custody.

The former Atlanta Falcons standout's conditional reinstatement came about one year and 11 months after his indefinite suspension, without pay, from the league. So - why am I telling you all this?

Obviously what Vick did was wrong, but at least he didn't kill another person, right? Wouldn't that be a lot worse?

Apparently not!

Donte' Stallworth killed a pedestrian in Miami on March 14th while he was driving drunk - not only did he get a measly 30-day jail sentence (of which he only served 24 days…for killing a human being), he gets about half the suspension that Michael Vick faced and knows exactly when he'll be allowed to play football again.

Thank god he didn’t run over a dog!

All I'm saying is - if you put those two jail terms and suspensions next to one another and made someone guess which one resulted from a drunk-driving death, do you think they'd guess right?

The least commissioner Goodell could do is keep Stallworth in suspense about when he's being reinstated, but that's NFL justice!

The other thing is, Donte’ Stallworth (the guy who killed a working class citizen) won’t have to put up with the idiotic ramblings of organizations like PETA, who are again protesting Vick being allowed to resume his football career.

Vick went to jail for almost two years for his crimes, what more does a guy have to do?

They say he’s given “no public indication” that he’s learned his lesson, and so they’re not going to shut up until…who knows when. Are they just jealous that Vick has partnered up with the Humane Society on his road to redemption instead of them?

Or perhaps, as some have written, PETA’s anger is driven by race. The sad part is, that doesn’t even sound too far-fetched.

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