Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Addictions

It’s about time I wrote a non-NFL picks related blog, so here it is!

We’ve all got some kind of addiction, whether it’s coffee, candy, primetime TV, Mountain Dew or crystal meth…wait, what? God love the internet, that’s all I can say.

Lets start with Washington Wizards forward Caron Butler, who gave us all a glimpse into his personal life via his NBA.com blog, titled “The Real Juice” (hat tip to Sports By Brooks for this one).

In a post called “Un-Doing The Dew,” Butler talks about kicking a Mountain Dew addiction that had him crushing about six cans PER DAY of the stuff. It was so bad that he says he was going through withdrawals, which included headaches and the sweats. Crazy!

Just how bad was it? Butler says he’d down a can before bed, wake up at 2am and have another and then start off his day in the morning with a nice cup of coffee…just kidding, another can of Dew. Don’t forget one before practice and two before games. Damn!

Who would have thought you could become addicted to something like Mountain Dew? Maybe it’s just an urban legend, but I’ve heard that in the US, that particular beverage has a lot more stuff in it that couldn’t pass regulations here in Canada…but again, who knows.

So, we’ve tackled soft drink addiction – now lets move on to crystal meth.

The once-mulleted Andre Agassi will apparently “Open” up about using meth in his new book, according to a now-deleted “tweet” from a Sports Illustrated writer.

It sounds like we’re going to learn about Agassi being forced to give up a regular childhood in exchange for eventual fame and fortune, which I guess led to drug use at some point. Not to make light of the situation, but if you remember his hair back in the early days of his on-court dominance, he sort of looked the part!

His book drops on November 9th and at that point he’ll surely make the rounds – 60 minutes, Larry King, etc. Should be interesting to see just how deep into it he got.

From the excerpt I read though, it appears this is another case of parents forcing a lifestyle on a child where they grow up feeling “isolated, alienated [and] detached” (granted, he did become very rich and quite famous).

Since everyone else is airing out their dirty laundry, I’ve got a confession too – I’m addicted to an unhealthy diet, not going to the gym and living a pretty lazy lifestyle. I’m trying to kick those habits though…

OH! I almost forgot – again, a hat tip to Sports By Brooks for this one.

Poor Phil Jackson. We’ve all been left hangin’ by a friend at one time or another – most of us weren’t on national TV at the time though!

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