Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Vegan Tough Guy says Sorry

When you read the title of this post, I bet you didn't think I was talking about six-foot-three, 245-pound pugilist Georges Laraque - but yes, the former Oiler is saying he's sorry after appearing in a commercial that's being slammed as sexist by women's groups in Quebec.

The online ad, which I first saw on blog (which is awesome, by the way) back on October 1st, is for an alcoholic energy drink and features Laraque playing street hockey against a team of scantily clad women with very thorough stretching routines (you don't want to pull a muscle, right?).

The Montreal tough guy is actually only featured in the last 20-ish seconds of the 1:06 commercial (wearing some kind of weird spandex shin covers), with the other 45 seconds made up of gratuitous shots of the Octane girls "getting ready" for the big game.

Turns out he's in trouble with the league as well - Article 25.1 of the league's CBA states no player can sponsor or endorse an alcoholic beverage. Uh oh! When asked by The Canadian Press if Laraque would face any punishment, the league had no comment, saving that storyline for another day I guess.

There's no question that Georges Laraque is a great guy, but you've got to chuckle a bit when you hear his comments in the aftermath of this situation. For example, he told reporters "That's not the kind of thing I'd agree to promote," after practise on Tuesday.

Really? Because the commercial clearly shows you posing with four cans of the stuff and ends with your name and number next to a can that shows the alcohol content of said product (7%, if you're wondering).

Laraque says the only reason he did the commercial is because it offered a big sum of money, that he in turn donated to an animal rights charity, most likely PETA, the group he joined after watching a documentary about the exploitation of animals.

Oh, and yeah theres another interesting fact that I learned when reading up on this story...believe it or not, Georges Laraque - the undisputed champ among NHL heavyweights - is a vegan!

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