Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Batman and PETA

Every now and then we all do something that seemed funny at the time, only to realize that the consequences aren't as humorous...come on, you've been there.

Another person that's been there - in fact, is there right now - is San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili.

The Spurs were playing the Sacramento Kings on Halloween when a bat darted onto the court late in the first quarter and stopped play...yes, a bat. That's when Ginobili surprised everyone in attendance by swatting the thing out of mid-air with his bare hand, before picking up the dejected bat and handing it over to some random arena worker.

Nothing a little Purell can't fix right? Wrong.

For his in-game heroics, Manu Ginobili will get a month's worth of rabies shots as a precaution, since the bat couldn't be found afterwards for testing (did they check the bat cave?). The team says it survived and flew away...judging by the video though, I'm going to say that didn't happen. You be the judge!

So, was it worth it Manu?

"It was pretty funny at the time," Ginobili told the San Antonio Express News. "Now it's not. I got like a million shots for rabies." He says he asked to see the bat afterwards, but was told it had "flown away" - a likely story.

And of course, the idio...people over at PETA are upset by this incident and have voiced their opinions. They say that "this is a time when athletes in particular need to be on their best behaviour around any animal," and say the next time someone's life is on the line, they hope Ginobili takes a few seconds to think before he acts.


They also claim that bats "always try to avoid contact with humans," which is why the bat was flying at court level in a giant arena, right? They even go as far as to not-so-subtly compare Ginobili to...you guessed it, Michael Vick. Yes, swatting a bat that's flying in your personal space is exactly the same as bankrolling a dog fighting operation. Ahh PETA, you've done it again.

I kind of get the feeling that PETA would be mad at you for killing a fly or getting rid of that wasp nest under your front porch.

How can they be mad at the guy? He practically turned into a PETA spokesman after the fact, giving out these words of advice: "Kids, don't do this at home. Don't handle bats. Don't swat them. Don't do anything. Or raccoons."


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