Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: Ego Trippin' at UCF

An incredibly selfish move by the son of His Airness, Michael Jordan, has the University of Central Florida looking for a new athletic sponsor.

Yes, Marcus Jordan's refusal to wear adidas shoes is apparently costing the entire UCF athletics program its gear once their current deal wraps up in 2010. This issue has been brewing for a while , but came to a head on Wednesday night when the freshman wore a pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes during a Golden Knights exhibition game .

It was great timing by Jordan too, with his school in the middle of negotiating an extension on its five-year deal with adidas - an extension that, needless to say, will no longer happen. The company says that's due to UCF (or, Marcus Jordan) choosing not to deliver on its contractual commitment. Because of that, they say they've chosen not to continue their relationship with the school.

The University of Central Florida claimed last month that someone from adidas gave Marcus Jordan permission to rock his papa's shoes but company brass says that never happened, and I think I believe them more than I believe the school, who are trying to save their butts right now.

Isn't this where Air Jordan himself should have stepped in and told his son to quit being silly and just put on the damn three stripes? Or is he just as selfish as his 18-year-old son? Here's the big question - will he talk to his pals at Nike, to whom he has brought millions upon millions of dollars, and get the school's athletic program sponsored so they can ALL wear Air Jordans?

All this for a guy that was 0-3 from the field with one point and one assist despite playing the third-most minutes of anyone on his team.

I mean, if you're going to come in as a first-year player and cause a stink like this, potentially costing the school millions of dollars - you better at least be good enough that people can look past your extreme selfishness. And what's with those silly glasses Marcus?

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