Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kerrzy's Notebook: A Little Help?

You know things are bad when you start asking the FANS for strategic help...

That's exactly what the NBA's Washington Wizards are doing right now, through a contest on Obviously short of ideas after a 7-16 start to the season, the Wiz are asking fans to draw up a diagram of an inbounds play and send it in before December 23rd.

The website says the team will try to use the "winning" play during a game, hoping that it'll truly be a winner. It doesn't quite say what the prize will be (or maybe it does, but you have to be an "ESPN Insider" for more information) - but if all the winner gets is to see a losing team run their play, that's not much of a prize!

Who came up with the idea, I wonder? Did Flip Saunders just throw his hands up and say "well, I'm all out of ideas," one day?

Wizard's forward Antawn Jamison told the Associated Press "I'm sure it's something we will run in the first quarter, not something we'll be doing with the game on the line," but come on! Whatever they've been doing with the "game on the line" clearly hasn't worked up to this point so why not give it a go?

The amazing part of this story is that Washington isn't even the worst team in the league and they're resorting to this. Imagine what a team like the New Jersey Nets is doing behind the scenes! If you're not familiar, it took the Nets until December 4th to register a win, going 0-18 to start the NBA season (0-21 if you count the preseason).

It's actually a pretty funny story; do you know what happened?

Ashton Kutcher and the crew from Punk'd sent the Nets a phony press release from the league stating that, due to the recession, all games this season would be played half-court. Either that, or the Nets are just plain brutal.

While we're on the subject of the NJ Nets - over $500-million in bonds for a new Brooklyn arena for the team sold in two hours on Tuesday. My question is, these people know it'll be the NETS playing there though, right?

That sounds like as smart an investment as someone buying up a block of Phoenix Coyotes season tickets hoping to make money back by scalping them!

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