Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: Coming Clean

Mark McGwire told the world on Monday that he did, in fact, take steroids during his baseball career, including in 1998 when he broke baseball’s home run record – a story that shocked…well, no one.

By now, you’ve probably all heard what he had to say, so here’s a quick summary (if not, watch the video here):

I only took steroids to recover from injuries faster, not for strength (I also took HGH), I had good and bad seasons with and without ‘roids, I regret it, I just wanted to prove I was worth the money I was making…oh, and I’m sorry.

Okay wait – you admit that you took steroids and human growth hormone on and off for a decade, but you dispute the fact that the drugs more than likely helped you notch 70 homers in one season?

I was given a gift to hit home runs,” McGwire, the St. Louis Cardinals new hitting coach, told the MLB Network. “The only reason I took steroids was for health purposes.”

Sorry pal, you can’t admit to juicing and not have the asterisk next to your name in the record books. It just doesn’t work that way. Obviously steroids don’t provide skill and McGwire can hit home runs with or without the stuff. Spare me this “only for health purposes” nonsense though.

Moving on – Jose Canseco wrote a book in 2005 where he spilled the beans on steroid use in the Major Leagues, which included McGwire’s name. He said that when he and McGwire were teammates with the Oakland Athletics from 1986-92, they used to inject each other with steroids in the clubhouse bathroom.

McGwire told Bob Costas that “none of that stuff happened,” adding he’s not going to “stoop down to his level,” something that infuriated Canseco.

Here’s the thing – it probably did happen, and I’ll tell you why.

After McGwire’s admission on Monday, a retired FBI agent told ESPN that even they knew what he was up to – but they knew before everyone else did.

Greg Stejskal says they uncovered the details of McGwire’s doping regimen during an investigation that ran from 1989-1993 and led to more than 70 steroid-related convictions.

So Mark McGwire is admitting that he used steroids while he played alongside Jose Canseco, but he vehemently denies that Canseco injected him with the stuff.

Mark, the newsworthy part of Canseco’s claim isn’t who helped you inject yourself with steroids…it’s that you were using steroids in the first place!

You might be asking yourself, if the FBI knew what he was doing, why wasn’t McGwire charged?

Stejskal says they were hoping to shut down the black market by only targeting suppliers in their investigation, choosing not to go after “low-level” people (like professional athletes).

Anyways, Canseco is mad about being called a liar. He is so mad, that he is challenging his former “Bash Brother” to a polygraph examination on national TV. It’ll be the main event on a card that will also feature a Canseco/Carrot Top MMA fight and a book signing.

Canseco was supposed to appear on CNN’s Larry King Live last night, but abruptly cancelled, telling King “I am having a breakdown. I can’t emotionally do [the show]. I am emotionally drained. I am tired of defending myself.

Will he take King up on a rain check for tonight?

The other question that must be asked is this: Is Cardinals manager Tony La Russa still floating around the idea of using McGwire as a pinch hitter for a playoff run? That would be awesome.

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