Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Is the End Near?

If you like football, and I know a lot of you do, you’d better enjoy the upcoming NFL season.

If Sports Illustrated's Peter King is right, there might not be a 2011 season because the owners and the players union are having a hell of a time getting to work on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, a pain hockey fans know all too well.

If you believe all those 2012 end of the world theories, next season could be the last ever too (I think the Mayans predicted failed CBA negotiations, didn’t they?).

Anyways – according to King, the threat of an (at least partially) abandoned 2011 season is very real because of the reluctance by both sides to budge on one key issue: player salaries.

League owners are apparently pushing for an 18 percent cut to player compensation, because they feel that players should be pitching in for “stadium construction, debt service and upkeep.” On the other side of the debate, the players union says they’re “not prepared to take a penny, or a percentage point less,” says King’s union source.

Again, this is a similar situation to the one that cost NHL fans a full season of hockey. In the end (after 301 days), the players wound up taking a 24 percent pay cut, a salary cap was brought in and rules were added to ensure that player salaries took up no more than 54 percent of the league’s total revenue.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out because if the NHL lost about $2-billion due to the cancelled season, I assume the NFL would stand to lose a lot more.

You know what else is worth keeping an eye on? The NFL could wind up playing without a salary cap next season, which you've got to admit would be pretty awesome.

Ahhh yes, it’s an interesting time in the NFL right now: the 2011 season is in jeopardy, teams might be spending NY Yankee money next year, a 40-year-old is dominating, running backs are inventing sweet new dances…oh yeah, and there’s that supreme court case that could wind up ending free agency.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees penned a piece for the Washington Post that ran a couple of weeks ago explaining the potential ramifications of the American Needle v. NFL court case.

It’s a bit long, but definitely well worth the read.

Basically, American Needle is a small hat manufacturer that was excluded from making NFL-branded hats when the league signed an exclusive deal with Reebok.

American Needle sued the league, saying the deal violated antitrust laws but the NFL actually won the case because a lower court decided the 32 teams that make up the league act as a “single entity.”

That “single entity” has players riled up, but I’ll let Mr. Brees take it from there. It’s actually a very interesting subject, which could very well tie back into the negotiations for a new CBA.

One more thing...

Once again - I've got this highlight of an unreal goal, but I don't think I can write a whole blog around it...so I'm just going to put it here.

This goal is courtesy of Scott Howes, Dirk Southern and Adam Taylor of the Harlem Globe...I mean, the Victoria Salmon Kings of the ECHL. It literally looks like the Bakersfield Condor defenders are wearing blindfolds.


Can you believe the NHL's two Alberta teams lost by a combined score of 15-1 last night? The Oilers may have lost 6-0, but at least they didn't lose 9-1!!!!! Here's a beauty from Taber, Alberta's Devin Setoguchi:


In a completely unrelated note, I’d just like to take a moment to acknowledge the death of Glen Bell, founder of Taco Bell, and thank him for (directly or indirectly) inventing of the double-decker taco. Mmm, mm, mm.

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