Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: NFL Playoff Picks, Week Three

Four teams remain in the battle for the Super Bowl as the NFL playoffs continue with the conference championships this weekend.

There weren't too many surprises last weekend in the divisional round, with Indianapolis, New Orleans and Minnesota advancing. The only one I didn't get right was the upstart New York Jets getting past the San Diego Chargers, who did not look good on Sunday.

It's a pure sin that I won't actually be able to watch the two biggest football games of the year to date as I'll be falling all over a mountain in BC trying to stand up on a snowboard. I'll be sure to catch the highlights though. Here are my picks:

NY Jets (11-7) @ Indianapolis (15-2)

My pick: Indianapolis

-To get to this game, the Jets had to win a pair of playoff road games - but I think this is where it'll all end for the trash-talking boys from New York. In their last meeting with the Colts, the Jets won but Indie didn't have its starters in the lineup for the entire game, which takes away from it a little bit. Last week, the Jets beat the Chargers, but San Diego didn't play like a team that had won 11 straight heading into the playoffs. I thought the Baltimore Ravens would be a pretty good challenge for the Colts and they spanked 'em 20-3 - the Jets defence will make this game interesting but I'll be very surprised if Peyton Manning isn't playing for a Superbowl on February 7th.

Minnesota (13-4) @ New Orleans (14-3)

My pick: New Orleans

-Both teams are coming off of lopsided wins in the divisional round last week and I’ve got to say – I’m not really sure who to go with. The Vikings have the veteran presence of Brett Favre and a stellar running back in Adrian Peterson; Drew Brees of the Saints has similar numbers to Favre, New Orleans looked unbeatable for most of the season and running back Reggie Bush is coming off a dominant performance against the Cardinals where he went on a couple of long touchdown runs. My gut tells me this is going to be a close one, but that it’ll be the Saints coming out on top. As good as the Vikings have been this season, their road game hasn’t been great (4-4) and I think that will be the difference.

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