Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: When Good Pranks Go Bad

Have you ever had a prank totally backfire on you?

At one time or another it seems to happen to everyone, and it happened to students at a Kansas City high school during a pep rally this past week.

Olathe Northwest High School bio teacher and basketball coach Joel Branstrom was promised tickets to the Final Four tournament in Indianapolis in April if he could do what probably seemed impossible at the time - hit a blindfolded half-court shot.

Imagine the students surprise when the former walk-on at the University of Kansas hit the shot with ease, since they didn't actually have any tickets!

As you'll see in the video below, a kid with clear height issues delivers the blindfold, Branstrom gets warmed up, DRAINS it like a pro and is then swarmed by students as "We Are the Champions" blasts through the speakers.

The best part of the story is that once the video became an internet hit, some mystery person righted the students' wrong by offering to give Branstrom and his family tickets and transportation to the tournament and even put him up while he's there.

If I were him, I’d get them back with the old “running practice followed by a bio test” gag.

It's a Wash

That locker-room disagreement between two members of the Washington Wizards over a gambling debt back in December that ended with both guys pulling guns took another interesting turn this week.

Earlier this month, Gilbert Arenas pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge for his role in the incident, and now, Javaris Crittenton has also pleaded guilty to a gun charge, though he will likely avoid jail time.

What he wasn’t able to avoid though, along with Arenas, was a season-long suspension from the NBA, which was handed out by commissioner David Stern on Wednesday.

Stern would likely have added “plus the playoffs” to the punishment, but there is literally no way Washington is playing more than 82 games this season.

According to, the suspension will cost Arenas about $7.4-million – though he could stand to lose a lot more money depending what happens on March 26th.

That’s when a D.C. Superior Court judge will decide what type of sentence he’ll serve for his carrying a pistol without a license conviction. He signed a plea deal, so he’ll probably wind up with a pretty short sentence, but even a year in prison could prove very costly for the man they call Agent Zero.

He still has $80.1-million left on a six-year deal and his conviction carries a penalty of anything from probation to five years in the slammer.

I bet the students at Olathe Northwest High School are glad Gilbert Arenas isn’t their coach!

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