Friday, February 26, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: PETA Sucks

If you’re like me, you shake your head in disgust every time you hear anything in the news about the so-called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


Instead of looking at past examples, lets just start with the organization’s latest billboard campaign aimed at getting people to spay or neuter their pets. Before a call from his lawyers, the ad featured a picture of Tiger Woods in an orange golf shirt and reads:

“TOO MUCH SEX CAN BE A BAD THING…for little tigers too. Help keep your cats (and dogs) out of trouble: Always spay or neuter!”


The Huffington Post has the since-taken-down motivation behind the billboard from the PETA blog, which details the benefits of stopping your pets from having kids. What it doesn’t discuss though, is why they decided to go with Tiger Woods…but we all know it’s because they will do anything to get their names in the news.

According to the NY Post, Tiger’s lawyers “kindly, but firmly,” threatened a lawsuit if this thing saw the light of day – and PETA has since decided to take their campaign in a different, equally idiotic direction.

Who is their next target?

If you guessed the governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford – you’re absolutely right. PETA's official blog says the potential slogan for this ad is “Your dog doesn’t have to go to South America to get laid.”


First of all – isn’t the aim here to stop animals from “getting laid”?

Further to that, if their goal really is saving the lives of the thousands, or hundreds of thousands of abandoned animals that wind up in over-crowded shelters, why are they attacking unfaithful public figures?

As annoying as it was, it made sense that PETA was all over Michael Vick (even after he got out of jail), because he was involved in dog fighting – but as far as I know, Tiger Woods and Mark Sanford haven’t been linked to any type of animal cruelty in the past.

So, why the attacks? Was organization president Ingrid Newkirk recently cheated on or something? Either way, in my opinion all PETA is doing here is losing any type of respect and credibility they have gained for the good work they actually do.

Who will they target next?

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