Friday, February 19, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: Random Friday Thoughts

Mike From Canmore…

I’ve got to start things off here by giving a shout out to my buddy Mike Robertson, who picked up a silver in the men’s snowboard cross on Monday in Vancouver!

What a rush it was seeing a friend of mine race on the world stage and do as well as he did! He almost won it all too, but he was caught in the last part of the race by the defending Olympic champ from the US – either way, it was very exciting stuff! Go Mike!!!!!

Doing Your Homework

If you’re ever given the opportunity to cover a huge sporting event like the Olympic Games…don’t do this.

Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer is a bit of a hero in his homeland these days for a couple of reasons – first, he set an Olympic record on the way to a gold medal in the men’s 5000m race. Then, he showed a reporter who clearly hadn’t done her homework what was up!

The woman, apparently from NBC, starts the interview by asking Kramer, who remember JUST WON A GOLD MEDAL, for his name, his country and the event he just won…to which he awesomely replies “Are you stupid? Hell no I’m not going to do that!”

Now, I’ve never covered speed skating myself, but I would assume part of the process is watching the races and looking at the leader board.

Here’s the video of the incident:

Now, I understand the reporter was just doing her due diligence, but there’s a time and a place for that! The guy just won a gold medal!

To his credit, Kramer was polite enough to finish the interview and act like the whole thing never happened.

Say Cheese!

If you had just won a medal in your chosen Olympic sport, you’d probably be walking around with a pretty big smile on your face right?

That’s proving to be a bit of a problem for Germany’s David Möller.

According to something called The Local, the 28-year-old silver medalist in the men’s singles luge chipped one of his teeth while biting into his prize at the request of photographers.

“The corner of the tooth has broken off a few times at home, but it is irritating when you don’t trust yourself to smile as you should,” he said.

So, aside from painting the town black red and yellow, Möller is now also looking for a dentist to fix him up!

Helping Out

Lots has been done to help the people of Haiti since that devastating earthquake rocked the nation – and one Olympic snowboarder is hoping the Olympic spirit helps her cause.

Hannah Teter, who followed up a gold medal in the women’s half pipe in 2006 with a silver medal on Thursday night, is hoping you’ll help out the people of Haiti by covering your butt (ladies).

Teter and the fine people at are all about “giving with your heart, soul and booty” and they’re selling a new pair of undies each month, designed to speak to a particular cause, with $5 from each pair going to people in need.

Right now, it’s time to “Make Love, Not War” for Doctors Without Borders, and their efforts in Haiti. The goal is to raise $100,000 by May in the name of “peace, love and posterior.”

Forgot Valentines Day? I’ve got your back.

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