Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: The Basement Suite

Well folks, it’s official.

After Tuesday night’s loss to the Detroit Red Wings, the Edmonton Oilers have clinched last place in the NHL’s overall standings.

It was practically inevitable at this point - had they won (which they almost did) they would still have had to win all six of their other remaining games, while hoping the Toronto Maple Laughs lost the rest of their games in regulation.

Keep your chins up though Oilers fans - while finishing last isn’t something to be proud of, it does guarantee the team a top two pick at this summer’s NHL entry draft in Los Angeles and a 48.2% shot at that number one pick.

Should they wind up picking first, who should the Oilers pick? It’s a debate that’s been raging on and on (and on) for months now – Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin?

Both players finished this season with 106 points, though Seguin had eight more goals, but Hall played in six fewer games.

Hall has 123 goals and 280 points in 183 career OHL games with the Windsor Spitfires, while Seguin has put up 69 goals and 173 points in 124 career games with the Plymouth Whalers. Both players are good, strong offensive talents, both players have put up solid numbers…but who should the Oilers pick?

If only there were some type of competition underway where we could see these guys go head-to-head…

Ahh yes…that brings us to the OHL playoffs, where the Spitfires and the Whalers will do battle starting on Thursday night in Windsor. If you want to get a good look at these guys – try to find this series on TV/the interweb.

On the topic of next season – you know that Jaromir Jagr to the Oilers rumor that won’t go away? Here’s the latest:

Russian Hockey Fans reports that Jagr is now saying he wants to spend another season with his current KHL club, Avangard Omsk, and hints that he would even take a pay cut.

“I'm not looking for other teams now. I would like to stay in Avangard, but it's not up to me only… I don't think about the money, that's for my agent. But I will understand if Avangard will reduce its budget. We didn't play like we should. Who can pay big salaries to players which don't give results on ice?”

It wasn’t the most exciting season on record for the Oilers, but it looks like this summer could be a lot of fun as the team figures out its direction for the coming year(s).

My question to you is: If you could subtract from the current roster, where would you start and who would you draft this summer?

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