Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: Lacrosse comes to Xbox

The Edmonton Rush can clinch a playoff spot for the first time in franchise history this weekend, and starting at the end of April - you too can play for the NLL's Champions Cup.

The National Lacrosse League announced this week that they're taking the plunge and coming out with a video game for Xbox 360, via the platform's Indie Game Channel. The league is partnering with Crosse Studio and Triple B games to develop "NLL Lacrosse 2010," presented by Reebok Lacrosse, and the best part is, it'll only cost you about $5!

Even better, it'll be a fully customized game - none of this "#7 passes to #8, ohhhhh and a big save by #1" stuff like we've seen in certain unlicensed games in the past. You'll be able to run the ball up the field as Edmonton Rush forward Ryan Ward, toss it over to Gavin Prout and snipe on someone like, say, Matt Roik of the Washington Stealth.

That's just one example though - you can play as any of the league's eleven teams and the game features all the great things about the game of lacrosse; the behind the back shots, diving shots, fakes and of course, big hits. No word on if the Edmonton "Crush" will feature anywhere though...

As it turns out, this isn't a new idea for the National Lacrosse League - they've been trying hard to get a video game developed for years.

"It's been a long process, we've been negotiating and we've had discussions with the EA Sports of the world and we even had a developmental deal with Activision five years ago, the people that make guitar hero, about putting a game together," NLL commissioner George Daniel told 630 CHED's Dan Tencer last night on Inside Sports.

"But they've always come back to us and said 'well you know what, after looking at it further, we've decided that the audience for lacrosse just isn't there yet for the [research and development] and the funds necessary to develop a really good game that we would want to put on the market' - that's always been the obstacle for us."

Then along came a young developer by the name of Carlo Sunseri.

"He was very entrepreneurial, he came up with the idea of originally taking a European soccer video game and converted it to field lacrosse first, and then took that and now has converted it into box lacrosse game."

NLL Lacrosse 2010 will be available in Canada, the US, France, Germany, Italy Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom starting around April 30th.

NOW - if only the CFL would take that lead and develop a game of their own! That's a game that is just screaming to be made...

Are you going to give the NLL video game a shot when it comes out? Let me know!

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