Friday, April 16, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: Random Friday Thoughts

Going For It!

If you’re a big CFL fan – which I know a lot of you are (Go Eskimos!) – you’ll be hoping for some OT this season.

The league announced some new rules this week, including one that makes teams go for a two-point conversion after an overtime touchdown, instead of just kicking the single point. And yes, that’s another rule change suggested by you the fans, which is a pretty cool way for the league to evolve its rulebook in my opinion.

A couple of other rule changes include a team that gives up a field goal in regulation can now scrimmage from its 35-yard line or receive a kickoff, if a pass is deemed uncatchable, there will be no pass interference penalties and if a punted ball hits the ground and then a player from the covering team, it’s now a five yard penalty instead of 15.

I like that overtime rule though, because the single point is a bit of a yawner (though occasionally guys do still miss it).

Did I Do That?

Sure, Tiger Woods is a big deal now, but what about back in college?

The NY Daily News reports that when he was majoring in math and playing on the Stanford University golf team, he wasn’t exactly the big wheel he is now. In fact, they had a nickname for him at the school:

“The golf team is not like being a college football player, it’s not like he was a basketball star – so he wasn’t considered the big man on campus,” says a college buddy in an US Magazine clip – delivering probably the most obvious statement man has even given.

Apparently Woods found his nickname to be insulting and borderline racist. Maybe 1994 was a different time, but I’d assume that calling him “Urkel” had more to do with him being a straight-A math major than anything to do with race…

On the topic of Tiger – Hugh Hefner turned 84 this week and threw in his two cents on the whole Woods scandal:

“This whole idea that it's a sex addiction is a copout. Some people become obsessed with sex, but it's not like an alcohol or drug addiction. He did it because he could get away with it."

Cowboys Implode (their stadium)

With the Dallas Cowboys playing in that new state of the art stadium worth over a billion dollars, there was no need for that old barn they used to play in – so they demolished it this week.

Believe it or not, over 20,000 people showed up to watch the implosion of Texas Stadium, with some even paying $25 to park their cars – sort of like a drive-in implosion I would imagine.

Either way, here is a fairly awesome view of the proceedings:

Maybe when the Oilers get a new building they’ll do something cool like this in Edmonton!

Are the Jays toast?

The MLB season is in full swing, and so far the Toronto Blue Jays are doing fairly well – but how long before they’re toast?

Well, that’s really up to you.

As NBC’s Out of Bounds blog tells us, it has finally happened – starting on May 1st, for just $35, you can buy a toaster that will brand your bread with the logo of your favorite baseball team.

Lame? Absolutely. Funny? Absolutely.

Apparently Pangea Brands isn’t stopping there – they’re said to be working on FDA approved magic markers for kids to draw on their toast and a toaster that stamps collegiate logos.

They even say that one day, superfans and stalkers alike may be able to burn the face of their favorite player into their bread.

What will they think of next?

Out of the Park

Speaking of baseball – the NY Yankees lost 9-7 to the Boston Red Sox on opening night, with pitcher Chan Ho Park taking the “L” next to his name when all was said and done.

Park allowed three runs on three hits, including a Dustin Pedroia two-run homer, and he didn’t even last the whole seventh inning. If you’re saying to yourself, boy he really [expletive] the bed…you’re kind of right.

Here’s what Park said after the game when asked about his performance:

God bless the honest athlete!

Steroids, now Chew?

As I was surfing the ESPN website looking for the boxscore of the opening night game, I stumbled upon another interesting little tidbit from the ball diamond.

US Congress, in its pursuit to rid the game of baseball of every thinkable evil, is now tackling the use of smokeless tobacco (or chewing tobacco, as most of us know it as).

They’re calling on the league and the players association to ban players from using the stuff during games…and if you’ve ever watched a baseball game, there are a lot of players who partake.

ESPN reports that smoking cigarettes in uniform and in view of the public isn’t allowed and smokeless tobacco has been banned in the minors since 1993 (when the movie Rookie of the Year came out, a kids movie that ironically does feature players chewing tobacco).

I’m sorry, but some politicians are just plain stupid. Like Anna Eshoo, a California Democrat, who offered up this gem:

"Why don't they just chew gum if they feel the need to chew something?"

I’m not sure if she knows this about tobacco (smokeless or otherwise), but it’s pretty addictive stuff. I grew up playing hockey and know a ton of guys that chew tobacco, and it’s just like the other kind of tobacco – it gets you hooked. Gum isn’t as addictive, I’ve heard.

This is an interesting topic though, because it’ll take a lot to get that outlawed. I wonder what they’ll decide to tackle next?

I hope its getting rid of tight pants in football.

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