Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Blunders Aplenty

English soccer fans taking in the World Cup from the UK should have known that something bad was going to happen in their side’s opening match against the USA – after all the signs were there early on.

“What do you mean Kerrzy? England scored within the first five minutes!”

That they did, but those poor supporters watching on ITV1 in Britain had to settle for a replay after the broadcaster accidentally switched to a Hyundai commercial, says the Daily Mail.

While the rest of us were watching Steven Gerrard skillfully poke the ball past a sprawling Tim Howard, subscribers to ITV’s HD service were left looking at some Brazilian racecar drivers eating mince pies and Argentinean ones pumping their tires. Then it switched back to the post-goal celebration.


What’s really quite funny about the whole thing is that it’s not the first time (believe it or not) that ITV has had this type of problem!

The Daily Mail says that in the third round of last year’s FA Cup, viewers missed the extra time game-winning goal that put Everton through to the next round when the broadcaster accidentally played a Tic Tacs commercial. Then, just last month, they cut away early from that super cool three minute long Nike ad during the Champions League final.

It was so bad that the bookies actually offered 8/1 odds that ITV would muck up at least one of their broadcasts (and it happened on just the second day…ouch!).

As I said off the top though – English fans should have taken that as an omen that something bad was on its way. That “something bad” came in the form of a woeful goal allowed in the 40th minute by Robert Green.

American Clint Dempsey hit a low shot towards the England netminder, which hit his hands and then rolled slowly over the line, just out of reach.

As the commentator said, “If you buy a ticket, sometimes you win a raffle.”

British comedian Russell Brand posted a funny little comment in the aftermath that sums things up quite nicely:

“Steve Gerrard “The whole team is behind Rob Green”. In retrospect, that’s a good place to stand.”


Anyways, the match ended 1-1, which as a Scottish-Canadian, suits me just fine. You’ve got to feel bad for Green though!

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