Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: We Were Robbed!

The phrase “We Were Robbed” is likely one you’ve been hearing all week long if you work with anyone who is, or claims to be, an English soccer fan – and they don’t know how right they are!

Never mind the fact that FIFA president Sepp Blatter apologized to the English Football Association for a blown call in Sunday’s 4-1 loss to Germany, there is some other, more literal, evidence to back up the claim.

The Daily Mail reports that five people who worked as cleaners at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus got a taste of swift South African justice this week when it was learned they had stolen ‘personal items’ from the rooms of several English players. The team was staying at the resort near Rustenburg for the duration of their trip to the World Cup.

A police spokesperson told The Mail that five suspects were arrested on Sunday after England was robbed of an equalizer in the first half of their tournament-ending loss to the Germans. When officers went to the homes of the suspects, all of the missing items were found safe and sound.

They were convicted of theft that night and were sentenced to fines of 6,000 rand (about $820 Canadian) or three years in jail – police say none of them could afford the fines, so they were taken to prison.

In all, a FIFA gold medal, several USA jerseys (from the post-game swap) and about $760 was stolen from the players, but it has all since been returned. Not only did cleaners take jerseys and money from the rooms, it is also being reported that they stole underwear from the players!

No word on if investigators got their Hanes on any of the missing knickers though.

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