Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: Viking Revival

“Stay tuned for breaking news from the Minnesota Vikings today on Brett Favre’s possible return.”

That’s the message members of the media got today from Favre’s official website as he hopped on a long ship to Minneapolis with three teammates.

So it seems, it’s not over yet as most of us probably guessed back in early August when word of his retirement first started to surface. Such is life when it comes to Brett Favre though.

A report on FoxSports.com says Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and Ryan Longwell took a trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to meet with their 40-year-old quarterback and try to convince him to come back for one more year. The website says Favre told his teammates that he was back in – though the team hasn’t been informed as of Tuesday afternoon.

This whole thing is so silly.

As if anyone of us really thought Favre was going to retire after putting up some of the best numbers of his career and leading the Vikings to the NFC title game after putting up a 12-4 regular season record. I even parodied the yearly cat-and-mouse game with my own fake retirement last week, to prove a point.

ESPN reports that one year ago on Wednesday, Favre reported to camp. At least he’s consistent, right?

Here’s another question though – which summer “Decision” is worse, that of LeBron James or Brett Favre?

Kevin Hench of FoxSports believes Favre’s “death by a thousand cuts” is worse that James’ “swift decapitation,” and I think I’d have to agree. Why? Well, Favre has now done this to three teams and he’s been doing the “I might be back” thing since about 2002! First he waffled with Green Bay, he then called it quits on New York…now players are flying to his house to beg him to come back to Minnesota.

I think I know what’s at the heart of all this ‘waffling’ though – no quarterback wants to be remembered as the all-time leader in interceptions.

How will you remember Brett Favre? See? It’s all part of the plan!

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