Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: Don't Mess With The Prez

The president of Bolivia and one of his political rivals went toe-to-toe in a "friendly" soccer match to open a new facility on the weekend...How could that possibly go wrong, you ask?

Oh, you have no idea!

The foul-filled game between President Evo Morales' team and La Paz mayor Luis Revilla's side ended in a 4-4 draw, but never mind the goals - the real highlight here happened early on and is more than likely one of the best YouTube clips you'll see today. Seriously.

The NY Daily News says president Morales was cleated by opposing player Daniel Gustavo Cartagena minutes into the game, and when the referee didn't do anything about it - Morales took matters into his own hands, or something like that.

I love the moment of hesitation we see from Cartagena right after he receives the president's knee in his crotch - it's sort of a "Did he just...? YUP!" and then he falls to the ground.

The best part is that Morales wasn't booked for the knee and actually went on to score a goal, while Cartagena was almost arrested (Revilla had to step in) and was kicked out of the game.

Imagine if someone like Prime Minister Harper was playing some shinny hockey against Premier Stelmach and gave him a monster hack or something - I wonder how that would play out over here!

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