Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kerrzy's Notebook: Fight Club

If you’re wondering how Sheldon Souray is doing down in the AHL, I’m here to tell you it’s pretty much the same old story for the former Oiler.

Souray, now with the Hershey Bears, put a hurtin’ on Adirondack Phantoms winger Matt Clackson when the two players decided to shed the mitts and get better acquainted over the weekend – unfortunately for Souray though, the post fight celebration was cut short by a visit with the team doctors.

Remember his last NHL fight? He took on Calgary captain Jarome Iginla on January 30th, a fight that saw both players swinging wildly at one another, and one that left Souray with a fractured wrist. That injury became infected a little while later and ended his season, the 34-year-old demanded a trade, and the rest is history.

This time around, as you’ll see below, it’s another episode of wild swings and attempted haymakers – and Souray injuries.

You don’t see any hint of an injury during the fight itself, but PennLive.com is reporting a broken right hand for Souray. Bears coach Mark French says it’s not a bad break, but it will keep him out of the lineup for about two weeks.

I understand that fighting is a good way to get the fans on your side and show your teammates that you’re willing to put it all on the line, especially if you’re a skill guy like Souray, but he doesn’t have a good track record as of late! For a guy that (I assume) is trying to get back into the NHL at some point, he’s got to just work on getting back to where he was when he scored 26 goals and 64 points for Montreal four years ago.

If he is going to fight though, maybe he should try being a little less erratic!


G - DOG said...

How 'bout that Kerrzy - looks like Karma is a biatch for our good friend Sheldon Souray. Sure hope he doesn't get an infection from this break...

Kerrzy said...

To be honest - I kinda feel bad for the guy! You know guys are takin runs at him, what's he supposed to do...back down?