Thursday, October 7, 2010

Polamalu’s Hair: Week Five Notes


Just a few weeks since coming out and saying he didn't feel wanted in New England, Randy Moss has moved on.

The Patriots dealt him to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday, seemingly out of nowhere, a couple of days after his first game without a catch since 2006. So, what happened?

There are some reports that he had a bit of an exchange with Bill O'Brien, the Pats quarterbacks coach, at halftime on Monday. It was 7-6 for Miami at that point, and Moss had just one pass thrown his way in the first two quarters. You might remember that it was special teams that won that game, with New England exploding for five majors in the second half - only one of which was from a Tom Brady pass.

Moss has long been known for being a bit of a troublesome player if he's not happy - and it would seem he wasn't happy with the Pats. Maybe Monday's game had something to do with it, maybe they've been shopping him for a while, who knows. Maybe he just wanted to go somewhere that gives him another right-away shot at Darrelle Revis!

Onto his new club - does he make the 1-2 Vikings a better team?

It would seem so - especially since QB Brett Favre has wanted to throw bombs to Randy Moss since his last season in Green Bay where he tried to get the Packers management to get him on board.

ESPN's Kevin Seifert notes that Minnesota now have six potential Hall of Famers on their roster in Favre, tailback Adrian Peterson, left guard Steve Hutchinson, defensive tackle Kevin Williams and defensive end Jared Allen - but he wonders if this new addition makes them the best team, or just the best assortment of players.

The Vikes haven't had a threat like Moss on the field this season, with Sidney Rice missing all three games so far - so I suppose time will tell. It certainly gives Favre another option, instead of handing the ball off to AP or throwing an interception.

I guess we'll see on Monday night!

"I'mullet You Finish"

I learned something new this week: When Minnesota's Jared Allen sacks a quarterback, he celebrates by pretending to rope a calf.

It's not that I've never seen the guy celebrate a sack before - I just had no idea that's what the celebration was all about until the NFL told him this week that he's no longer allowed to do it. Yes, after seven seasons of post-sack calf roping, the league has decided he's not allowed to do it anymore and could be penalized or fined if he does it again.

Why? Because his knee touches the ground while he does it...which apparently constitutes "unsportsmanlike conduct." The real question is though, how did he get away with this for seven years? Someone's head should roll here - player’s knees have been touching the ground far too often these days and I'm glad someone is finally campaigning for change!

Just wait until PETA finds out that he's been roping invisible calves all this time, right in front of our very eyes. It's a travesty!

The (bad) Boys are Back in Town

We're through four weeks of NFL action - which means one thing, and one thing only for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the J-E-T-S Jets and the Houston Texans: the suspensions are up!

Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes and Brian Cushing will all make their 2010 debuts after serving four-game bans for violating the league's personal conduct policy, substance abuse policy and performance-enhancing substance policy, respectively.

Amazingly the Steelers, Jets and Texans are all 3-1 heading into Week 5, despite missing these important parts of their offense/defense.

The biggest surprise has to be the Pittsburgh Steelers - not only did they win three of four without their number one quarterback - they also went through two other quarterbacks in the first four weeks of the season, including 35-year-old Charlie Batch.

So you've got three guys coming back - but I've got to mention the fact that another guy has been suspended for four games this week too. SD Chargers strong safety Steve Gregory was apparently a little too strong - he's in trouble for violating the league's performance-enhancing substances policy.

Other stuff…

Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil got fined this week for speaking his mind…in sign language…but not real sign language.

It might be time to trade for San Diego’s Antonio Gates

Michael Vick is out for this weekend with an injury he sustained on a play that was called back on a stupid penalty – which only complicates things in Philly.

Game to watch: With the events of this week, it has to be the Monday Nighter between the Vikings and the Jets in New York - Randy Moss joins his new club and potentially gets another shot at Darrelle Revis (if his pulled hamstring allows him to return). Santonio Holmes, who could be a major impact player for the Jets, gets into his first game - it should be a beauty! If you're looking for something to watch on Sunday though, it's always fun to see how long a team can stay undefeated - and the 3-0 KC Chiefs face a tough test against the 2-2 Indianapolis Colts. Oh, and don't forget - the Bills, Lions, Panthers and 49ers are all winless so far!

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