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Polamalu’s Hair: Week Six Notes

A Little Bit of Everything

One thing I love about Brett Favre is you never really know what you’re going to get.

He’s a perfect picture of balance – he’s the holder of some of football’s legendary quarterback records, but he’s also got his name on some of the ones you’d rather not be associated with. He’s peaks and valleys personified. He is: Brett Favre.

Monday night's 29-20 Minnesota Vikings loss to the NY Jets was another beautiful example of just how great, good, bad and average he can be: on an evening that saw him hit 70,000 career passing yards and throw his record 500th touchdown, Favre also passed Warren Moon for most career fumbles (162) and threw an interception to end Minnesota’s chances at a game-winning drive with less than two minutes to go.

Classic stuff, isn’t it?

Meanwhile the NFL is investigating Favre for “sexting” and sending other inappropriate pictures to a former Jets employee, TV personality Jenn Sterger.

Favre apologized to his teammates for being a distraction…and the way the Vikings played for most of Monday night’s game, you’ve got to wonder if it was a distraction.

What do you think about this whole controversy – much ado about nothing, or the latest scandal to rock the world of sports?

Moss vs. Brady?

Randy Moss had four catches for 81 yards and a touchdown in his Minnesota Vikings (re)debut on Monday night, but his last stand with the New England Patriots still has people talking!

First off, lets talk about Monday’s game – Moss did quite well for a guy who only had a few days to familiarize himself with the Vikings offense. Antonio Cromartie had his number for most of the night, but he did manage to make a couple of big catches, including a 37-yarder in the third quarter.

Now, to his past – after the Moss trade last week, reports surfaced that the Pats approached him about a new contract this summer but were ‘brushed off’ by the receiver.

ESPN reports (via The Boston Globe) that Moss told New England coach Bill Belichick that the two sides could talk after the season when his contract was up. It’s also reported that he had been told he wouldn’t be back after the 2010 season prior to being approached about a new contract.

So, when Moss came out and said that he didn’t feel wanted by the club before the current season started, he had already been told that management didn’t want him and then told they did want him. I can see where his frustration with the whole thing comes from now!

Moving on, there were also reports this week that Moss and Pats QB Tom Brady had a bit of a blow-up in the dressing room over hair styles…

CBS Sports says Brady told Moss he should shave his beard, and Moss replied that Brady should get a haircut because he looks like a girl! The report went on to say that the two players had to be separated by teammates, but others are not sure it happened.

Others like Tom Brady, for example.

Brady and coach Belichick both denied anything like that happened to this week. For Brady, he blames the “competitive media culture,” saying he’s never had an altercation with a teammate.

Belichick told reporters that the whole thing was news to him!

I can’t see two guys like that getting so worked up over a little exchange like that, even if it did happen. Just going by the way Brady talks about Moss when asked about him, I really doubt there was much or any animosity between the two players.

Still, it’s fun to see these types of stories blow up!

Winless Wonders

With the KC Chiefs losing to the Indianapolis Colts this past weekend, no undefeated teams remain heading into Week 6 – only winless clubs.

San Francisco, Carolina and Buffalo are all 0-5 to start the season and there isn’t a lot of optimism out of any of those camps as they look to turn things around.

Lets start out in San Fran where they’re talking coaches and quarterbacks – in this case, they’re saying both will keep their jobs for now. The NFL Network notes that Mike Singletary won’t be fired right away, though perhaps if nothing changes that will happen.

After a 27-24 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, where an Alex Smith fumble led to the game-winning major, Singletary said he’d be sticking with the former number one pick for now. The two met for a while on Sunday following what looked like a heated exchange on the sideline during the game. For those of you counting, this is the 49ers first 0-5 start since 1979!

It’s fives all around for the Carolina Panthers right now – as the Charlotte Observer points out, they’ve got five losses and they’ve scored just five touchdowns and five field goals all season long, by far the worst offense in the NFL.

That would be part of the reason for the 0-5 start, but Chicago’s Julius Peppers played a part as well in a solid effort against his old club as the Bears beat the Panthers 23-6. If the other team’s QB throws for just 32 yards and four interceptions, and his team still wins by 17, you know you stink. Another reason the Panthers are struggling could be the fact that they’re the first team since 1999 to start a first-year quarterback and two rookie receivers!

Last, but certainly not least, is the Buffalo Bills who are turning to clichés in their time of need.

As Jerry Sullivan of Buffalo News tells us, it’s really time for the Bills to look in the mirror – at least, according to just about every player on the roster.

Sullivan says the way Buffalo has played this season, there is definitely a chance that they could hit 0-16 by seasons end after being handed the game by Jacksonville on Sunday, only to squander the lead and lose by 10. For the first time in team history they gave up 30 points in a fourth straight game, and for the first time since the early 70’s they allowed 200 rushing yards in a third straight game.

Long story short: times are tough in Buff. But hey, it’s not all bad news right?

Just ask Sullivan’s partner at Buffalo News, Bucky Gleason: The Bills scored three touchdowns on Sunday, which means a free medium coffee from Tim Horton’s if you bought a game program.

Also, since the game wasn’t a sellout it was blacked out for local viewers, which means countless people were spared the agony of watching the home team blow it.

If you’re a Bills fans in need of a pick me up, Gleason’s article is a must-read!

Other stuff…

Remember Stefan Logan? He used to rip it up in the CFL with that team the Eskimos play next weekend – well on Sunday he registered a 105-yard kickoff return for the Detroit Lions in a win over the St. Louis Rams.

Terrell Owens “tweeted” too close to game time on Sunday, which could mean a fine. It wasn’t anything controversial, so who knows what will happen.

Darrelle Revis’ hamstring is holding out on him. He played on Monday, but his hammy now says it wants better living conditions and looser pants.

Game to watch: There are some good games coming up this weekend, the most exciting of which could be the New England Patriots against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are a surprising 4-1 to start the year, while the 3-1 Pats enter the post-Randy Moss era. Any game featuring an AFC-South team will be interesting too, as the Texans, Jaguars, Colts and Titans all sit with 3-2 records and all play this weekend (Jags vs. Titans on Monday night). Also – can the 49ers beat the Raiders for win number one?

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