Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Butts and Bites

If you’re anything like me the words “reality TV” make you cringe, as you picture everything from Big Brother to the Bachelor to Jersey Shore. You know what though, each of those shows has something in common with professional sports – and if you’re like me, you love watching sports.

Every so often when you’re watching a reality show (because you cant find the remote, there’s nothing else on, or someone else has control), someone blows a gasket and for a moment the show is entertaining. Admit it, watching people freak out is pretty fun. Well, the same holds true in the world of sports. Every now and then a player will just lose the plot and do something so crazy that you can’t believe your eyes and you can’t wait to talk about it with your friends…

If you were checking out some Serie A action this past weekend, you would have witnessed one of those moments!

Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o is in trouble with the league for an incident on Sunday that the referees missed, but the cameras didn’t. Chievo Verona defender Bostjan Cesar was working Eto’o over near the middle of the field in the first half of a 2-1 Inter loss and in doing so, hit him with a weak punch to the shoulder area (kind of like an Austin Powers judo chop).

The ref appears to give Inter the free kick, but before the play restarts Eto’o runs towards Cesar and drives his head right into the defenders chest, channeling his inner Zidane!

Somehow the officials never saw it at the time, but thanks to those pesky video replays the league decided to take action after the fact. The result? The Daily Mail reports Eto’o has been suspended for three games and fined £25,000, which likely rules him out for today’s Champions League game against FC Twente.

There’s no questioning the skill of Eto’o, but he’s a guy that has had to deal with a lot throughout his career. He’s an African man who has played most of his pro soccer in Spain and Italy, so he has been the subject of a ton of racist abuse over the years. It’s for that reason that I wish I knew what was said prior to the head-butt. He’s a guy that generally keeps his cool when most of us would go berserk, so I wonder if there was something in particular that set him off or if he was just having one of those days…

Now that we’ve covered the “butts,” it’s time to move on to the “bites” portion of this blog:

Lets flashback to the quarter-finals of this summer’s World Cup between Ghana and Uruguay - with the score tied and Ghana pressing, Luis Suarez became a ‘national hero’ in his homeland when he stuck his hand out to stop the go-ahead goal from crossing the line.

Suarez was sent off, but Uruguay went on to win on penalty kicks.

The fact that he was hailed as a hero for doing what he did never sat well with me, and I’ve disliked him ever since for being so smug about the whole thing. Once the World Cup wrapped up though, Luis Suarez wasn’t a player I really heard much about…until this week:

His club, Ajax Amsterdam of the Dutch national football league, has suspended him for two games for biting an opposing player over the weekend! In addition, The Guardian reports, the striker has also been fined an undisclosed amount, which the club says will go to a “good cause.”

The Dutch Football Federation though, says USA Today, is proposing a seven-match ban for sinking his teeth into PSV’s Otman Bakkal in a 0-0 draw on Saturday.

Have a look:

One of the reasons I can’t stand this guy is his attitude. Here’s what he said after the cameras caught him biting another player: “No, I do not regret what happened. Normally I always keep calm but I didn’t…I’m a little tired. This week I had to travel a lot.”

You just bit a guy and that’s all you’ve got to say for yourself? When we got our first big dump of snow last week it took me almost an hour to get to work – you don’t see me going around biting people!

Ajax limiting his suspension to domestic games didn’t help them much on Tuesday; they were blown out 4-0 by Real Madrid and eliminated from Champions League contention.

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