Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Polamalu’s Hair: Week Fifteen Notes

The Wrong Choice?

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you:

You’re a professional athlete, playing for a team whose first 13 games of the season can only really be described as a massive disappointment. You’ve been without your star player since mid-October, but your team is actually starting to come on a bit as you near the end of the year. You won two in a row and three of four, with a three point loss in there somewhere. This past Sunday, your team lost 30-27 for the second time in three weeks. Afterwards, do you:

A) Walk off the field
B) Shake hands & laugh with the other team
C) Ask for the winning quarterback’s autograph
D) Cry uncontrollably

If you answered “C,” you’ll find nothing wrong with what happened after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys last weekend!

Moments after the Cowboys dropped to 4-9, running back Tashard Choice ran up to Eagles QB Michael Vick, who was surrounded by cameramen, pulled out a Sharpie and got him to sign one of his gloves.

“That’s probably the first time that’s ever happened to me,” Vick told reporters after the game.

Choice told reporters that he has known Vick for years and the autograph was for one of his nephews, who is a big fan of the former Atlanta Falcons pivot.

Let me just say that I’ve got no problem with players swapping memorabilia or asking for autographs after a game – lord knows there are a ton of people who make crazy money off of that type of stuff. At the end of a (hopefully) long career, it would really be a shame if you didn’t have a ton of mementos from your time spent playing with and against great players.

That said, I don’t think you have to do it in front of the thousands of fans that paid good money to be there in person and the others watching from home! It just doesn’t look right. It’s bad enough that, more often than not, players from both teams are smiling and laughing with each other after the final whistle blows.

If you really want an autograph, I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities to get it and plenty of people who can run and get it for you. Also, if you know Michael Vick, why not just shoot him a text or something?

My other question is: Did Tashard Choice have a pen with him all game?

All Good Things…

You know what they say: all good things must come to an end…

That was the story on Monday night at Ford Field in Detroit when Brett Favre watched from the sidelines as his Minnesota Vikings took a 21-3 beating at the hands of the NY Giants. Prior to that loss, the 41-year-old had started an NFL record 297 consecutive games dating back to September of 1992!

The potential for Favre to start #298 was helped along by a roof collapse at Minnesota's Metrodome on the weekend, giving him an extra day of recovery, but it wasn’t to be.

Let’s put that into perspective, because 297 doesn’t sound nearly as impressive as the 2,632 consecutive games played by Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. Brett Favre’s streak started eighteen years ago, when Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was just seven years old! Think of all the players that have come and gone during that time – it really is amazing.

ESPN reports Favre’s shoulder injury won’t necessarily end his season though, as interim coach Leslie Frazier says he could be ready to go in time for Monday’s tilt with the Chicago Bears.

With the Metrodome still out of commission, there’s a chance the game could be held at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank stadium or the NFL could decide to ship it somewhere else completely.

It’s too bad that Favre’s streak is over, but at least he’s using it to make a bit of extra money!

Power Trip

The NY Jets acted swiftly in the fallout of TripGate 2010 this week, fining and suspending the team’s strength and conditioning coach for something that happened late in the third quarter of a loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Sal Alosi has been fined $25,000 and was told to stay home for the rest of the season for his actions this past weekend: Alosi is captured on video sticking out his knee and clipping Dolphins player Nolan Carroll as he runs down the Jets sideline!

Here’s what Alosi had to say for himself (via NY Daily News):

"If I could go back again, I would sure as heck take a step back. ... Nothing went through my head. I wasn't thinking. Had I been thinking, I'd take a step back instead of leaning forward. ... I felt terrible."

What’s worse is that a former member of the Dolphins claimed this week that the Jets did the “human wall” thing on purpose!

Zach Thomas says because the five players standing with Alosi were foot-to-foot, they “had to be ordered to stand there,” adding that they were only there to restrict the space of a guy like Carroll.

Later in the week it turned out, through a team investigation, that Alosi had actually instructed the players to stand there and his suspension went from “for the rest of the season,” to “indefinitely.” The league has also chimed in, saying that the “human wall” strategy is definitely illegal.

What do you think? Was it one man acting alone, or shady dealings by the struggling J-E-T-S, Jets?

Other stuff…

Nine teams were eliminated from playoff contention last weekend…was your team one of them?

A missed extra point attempt costs the Washington Redskins holder his job…

Despite all the work the NFL is doing to try and limit head shots, concussions are actually on the rise

Yet another team is questioning the “double standard” when it comes to supplemental discipline in the league…

Game to watch: For me the biggest game of the weekend will be the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the NY Giants early on Sunday – a battle between two 9-4 NFC East clubs. Right now the Eagles lead the division because they hold the tiebreaker, so it’s a game that could have some serious playoff implications for Eli Manning and the Giants. Also, I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed watching Michael Vick play this season. If I saw him in person, I’d for sure ask for his autograph…

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