Thursday, December 23, 2010

Polamalu's Hair: Week Sixteen Notes


There’s no question that above all else, the NY Jets have been one thing this year: Controversial.

That trend continued this week, with the latest episode involving coach Rex Ryan! This one isn’t so much a controversy in the way that the Brett Favre sexts, the treatment of a female reporter at Jets practice or the ‘sideline trip’ were – this one is more just a fairly embarrassing thing that has come to light.

One thing it does have in common with the Favre text story though is that it was brought to us by the website Deadspin.

Without further ado, here’s the scoop: A series of foot fetish videos have surfaced that appear to star a woman who looks a lot like Rex Ryan’s wife Michelle. The guy working the camera in one of the videos even sounds kind of like Ryan. The similarities between “Ihaveprettyfeet” and Michelle Ryan don’t seem to end there – both are 47-year-old housewives, both have a master’s degree and both once lived in Ellicott City, Maryland.

This isn’t a new thing though – Deadspin reports that “Ihaveprettyfeet” became wildly popular a few years ago and actually had her YouTube account banned, though her videos had been reposted on the site.

So it’s not really that controversial, it’s just quite embarrassing.

The poor guy was met with question after question about the foot videos at a scheduled meeting with reporters on Wednesday – but he stuck with calling it a personal matter that he didn’t want to discuss. USA Today reports though that when he spoke with his team, he told them he was “embarrassed” by what was going on.

How many pro sports press conferences have you seen where most of the questions are about foot fetishes? That’s the first one for me!

If the Jets are able to forget about all of this stuff and put their best foot forward on Sunday, they can clinch a playoff spot against the Bears. Lets be honest – if there’s any team used to playing through distractions, it’s the Jets!

Sideline Contact

Speaking of the Jets, remember what happened last week with the team’s strength and conditioning coach?

Sal Alosi was suspended indefinitely and fined $25,000 by the team for sticking his knee out and clipping a Miami Dolphin as he ran down the sideline during a punt. As it turns out, a player was guilty of doing something very similar, that same weekend!

Carolina Panthers defensive end Tyler Brayton was slapped with a $15,000 fine on Friday for hitting Atlanta’s Chris Owens while out of bounds during a punt return.

This one is crazy – Brayton gets up from the bench and drops Owens as he runs by with what looks like an elbow to the head. Fox Sports showed a video of the incident on TV, which I’ve got for you here (via The Huffington Post):

Much like what happened after the Jets incident, the coaching staff is denying that they employ those sideline tactics. This one is quite different than what happened with Alosi, but it’s interesting that the two incidents happened on the same day in a league where this type of thing apparently doesn’t happen!

All of a sudden the punt is the most exciting play in football!

Can’t Handle Connolly!

While we’re on the topic of kicks – this one happened on a kickoff, not a punt – did you see the kick return in the Patriots win over the Packers last weekend that set an NFL record?

No, it wasn’t Brandon Tate. It was 313-pound offensive lineman Dan Connolly rumbling for 71 yards late in the second quarter to set up a Pats score right before half time!

That is not a typo: A 313-pound man ran with the ball for a gain of 71 yards!

It was a thing of beauty – Connolly corrals the bouncing ball near his own 25-yard line and takes off (as fast as a guy who weighs over 300 pounds can). It almost seemed like no one from the Packers realized he had the ball and the next thing you know, he’s crossing the 50!

Connolly burns down the sideline looking like a seasoned vet, sheds one defender with a stiff arm, cuts inside to make a few more players miss and is eventually taken down a mere four yards from a touchdown!

Unfortunately for Connolly, his day ended a few plays later when he suffered a concussion.

Other stuff…

In another sign that Michael Vick is shedding the ‘bad guy’ perception that comes with the territory when you go to jail, he has starred in his first post-prison commercial!

No more T.Ocho? After a fairly productive season on a very poor Bengals team, it looks like Terrell Owens will be looking for a new place to call home…

Fed up with fighting players from other teams, the Houston Texans do a little bit of in-game infighting

Things go from bad to worse for Donovan McNabb, who says he feels “disrespected” by the Redskins, who dropped him from first to third string…

Game to watch: There are a few games with major playoff implications this weekend, but the best one should be the NY Giants and the Green Bay Packers. The Giants are coming off a crushing loss to Philly, while the Packers could have Aaron Rodgers back under centre following a loss to the Pats. Another interesting match up would be the Jets looking to clinch a playoff berth against the Bears, who have already won their division.

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