Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polamalu’s Hair: Week Twenty-One Notes

Hair We Go!

When the current NFL season started back in September, there were 32 teams getting ready for what they hoped (realistically or not) would be a championship season.

Heading into the last weekend of January only two teams remain though, as the Pittsburgh Steelers get set to face the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas. Now, if you think the big story here is Ben Roethlisberger vs. Aaron Rodgers, I regret to inform you that you are absolutely wrong.

No, there is a much bigger battle being waged on February 6th: That would be the one between Head & Shoulders and Suave.

That’s right folks, the flowing locks of Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu (our hero here in the football division of Kerrzy’s Notebook) will go “head to head” with the golden mane of Green Bay’s Clay Matthews on that fateful Sunday.

While Polamalu has represented H&S for a while now, Matthews is the newest newest member of the Suave team after signing an endorsement deal this week.

Lucky for you, this battle has already begun over at where fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite head of hair. As the site notes (with I’m sure no pun intended), Polamalu has a bit of a “head start” over Matthews, another former USC Trojan.

Part of the reason he’s out in front is that Troy's Hair jumped all over Twitter long before Clay's Hair did. Yes, that’s right: they both have Twitter accounts!

You know who else has a Twitter account and awesome hair? I’m just saying…I wonder if either of these guys could get me an endorsement! My hair could be the PR hair for Troy’s Hair! It could work!

Towels & Ties

While the Steelers and the Packers duke it out on the field at Cowboys Stadium in two weeks, there will be a different type of war taking place in the stands…a war involving towels.

More specifically, a war involving the type of towels that generally aren’t used to dry oneself off in a time of great moisture.

That war is born of an inner war, happening deep inside the soul of McArthur Towel and Sports president Gregg McArthur. You see, McArthur T&S is the company that manufactures Pittsburgh’s beloved Terrible Towel, which ESPN tells us they’ve been making since 1997. The company is located near Green Bay though and according to Gregg McArthur, they “bleed green and gold.”

They say they’re working on a rival towel for Packers fans to buy and wave around at the game in an effort to create a “towel war” between the two sides. I wonder if they make Packers ties as well…

If so, I bet Chicago car salesman John Stone would be interested. Did you hear the story about this guy?

He was fired from his job for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie to work on Monday, a day after Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to a win over the Chicago Bears for the NFC title and a trip to the big game. NBC Chicago says his boss told him a few times to take the tie off or go home. Long story short, he didn’t take the tie off.

Once this story spread like wildfire across the internet, Stone’s ex-boss Jerry Roberts offered him his job back (provided he didn’t wear the tie again), but he said no thanks. Can you guess why he said no? Oh, it might have been all the other offers he got since the story blew up!

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Stone is now working for a rival car dealer and there are people from all over the place calling in and talking about buying vehicles from him. All because of a tie! What a great means of self-promotion.

I think I have to start dressing more business-like, but in a controversial kind of way. Any ideas for me?

Strange Brew

With the very real possibility of a lockout hitting the NFL, the league’s commissioner turned some heads on Wednesday…

In what can only be described as a moment of sheer madness, Roger Goodell said that if there’s a work stoppage when the current CBA expires in March, he’ll take a pay cut. A pay cut of almost $10-million.

That’s right folks, Goodell says he and the league’s chief negotiator Jeff Pash (who is said to rake in about $5-million per year) will both chop their salaries down to $1 if there is no football!

The owners want the players to take less money in a new CBA and this is likely a way to try and show that the league really want to get a deal done. Do I believe that Goodell will actually give up $9,999,999 while the owners and players squabble over money? No.

The director of communications for the NFLPA seems to be on the same page, telling the LA Times that “this decision is irrelevant to the process.” Carl Francis says what Goodell needs to do is guarantee that there won’t be a lockout!

You know, he’s right. Whether or not Roger Goodell is making his full salary has nothing to do with anything when it comes to CBA negotiations. Plus, the way football contracts are put together I’m sure that money is buried somewhere else anyways!

That wasn’t the only labor-related news this week: After being ousted from the playoffs, NY Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie went all in on the league and the players union about the negotiation process.

Are these the crazed ramblings of one player, or does Cromartie speak for a larger segment of the player population here? That could be another wrinkle in what looks like it’s going to be quite the Battle Royale.

Other stuff…

If you “picked” the Jets to go all the way, I guess that loss last weekend really boogered up your plans…

Chad Ochocinco is changing his name again…umm back to Chad Johnson?

Poor Jay Cutler – the guy sprains his knee in the NFC Championship game and is told he can’t go back in and everyone jumps all over him for not being tough enough…

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