Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Hoop & The Harm: Notes from the Hardcourt

Twenty-Six & Counting

Remember when Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said that a “dreaded spell and bad karma” would follow LeBron James wherever he went?

That quote comes from the same “open letter to the fans” where he personally guaranteed an NBA championship before James wins one in Miami and promised that the team’s “energy, focus, capital, knowledge, and experience” would be directed towards that very goal.

Was all of that supposed to start this season?

With a 99-96 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers set an NBA record with a 25th straight loss…but the milestone week didn’t end there! A loss on Wednesday to the Detroit Pistons tied them with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the longest losing stretch in major American pro sports history!

That sets up a heavyweight match up on Sunday between the Cavs and the Washington Wizards, who are 0-25 away from home this season. CBS Sports’ Heat Stroke says LeBron James wishes it was on national TV because “something has to give in that game.”

Which of those two streaks would you rather see continue after Sunday’s epic tilt?

Personally I’d rather see the Cavs losing streak keep going – once you get that far into it, you may as well really put your mark on the record that you’ll continue to set with each subsequent loss!


If you thought the Carmelo Anthony trade talks died with the NJ Nets pulling out of discussions a few weeks ago, you couldn’t be more wrong!

The NY Knicks are still in the hunt for Anthony’s services, but things took an interesting turn this week when a team came out of nowhere to take over the ‘Melo headlines. While there are probably upwards of 25 teams that Carmelo Anthony would not accept a trade to right now, I have a feeling that if this club were to swing a deal, he would gladly accept. After all, he says it’s about winning championships at this point in his career. So, who was it?

The LA Lakers!

ESPN reports the Lakers have had preliminary discussions with the Denver Nuggets about a deal that would send Anthony to LA, with Andrew Bynum (and maybe some others) going the other way. Then again, they’re also reporting that some other sources say there is no deal, so who knows!

If he doesn’t end up in Los Angeles or New York, there remains a possibility that Anthony stays put and once again suits up with the Nuggets next season, says the Denver Post.

Chris Dempsey reports that the player said he would “take a real hard look” at the Nuggets’ offer, which is a three year, $65-million deal, if he isn’t traded by the February 24th deadline. A key piece to getting Anthony back in blue and yellow will be the team brass showing a real plan for the future though…

Like most players, ‘Melo wants to win and he wants to win now (or soon). If they can make some moves and show that they’re committed to bringing home some hardware, they just might keep him yet!

NBA’s Funniest Home Videos

Who doesn’t love a good blooper?

In basketball, like in any other sport, there are certain things that can happen to you during the course of a game that are seen as the gold standard of embarrassment. For example, if you are trying to make a play and you fall, no one will say anything…but if a player crosses you up and you fall in the process, it’ll probably make the highlight reels!

Just ask Orlando’s JJ Reddick:

Missing a wide open net is another one that’ll land you in the blooper reel, though in basketball it can get extra embarrassing in a hurry! If a hockey player has a breakaway on an empty net, the flashiest thing you’re likely to see is someone trying to pick a corner or put it top shelf. In basketball, a breakaway usually means it’s time for some kind of fancy move – it doesn’t always go as planned though, as Andre Iguodala shows us:

Other stuff…

The NBA says it will allow skin-tight uniforms for the upcoming All-Star game…That’s fine, just don’t bring back the short shorts!

The Association copies the NHL and partners up with Marvel…we all know the NBA version will end up being way cooler though!

Miami Heat guard Eddie House was fined $25k for pointing to his crotch after hitting a big basket earlier this month!


sportsfan1981 said...

It fascinates me how the loss of LeBron James has really crippled the Cavaliers. I hope they keep losing.

Kerrzy said...

I kind of feel like a jerk, but I totally agree...I hope they set an untouchable record this year lol