Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hoop & The Harm: Charlie V flips out, Wafer Whiffer

“Heat of the Moment”

Losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers will drive a man to do crazy things, it seems.

The Detroit Pistons witnessed that first hand on Monday night when forward Charlie Villanueva completely lost the plot with just under six minutes to go in his team’s final home game of the regular season. Now, when I say he “lost the plot,” I mean it – responding to an elbow earlier in the game, Charlie V hit Cleveland’s Ryan Hollins with a “subtle jab to the groin” as Detroit Free Press writer Vince Ellis described it.

After being ushered away from the ensuing scrum, Villanueva tried to sneak his way back over to confront Hollins, but was dragged away once again by a teammate and a member of the coaching staff. It turns out it’s just not that easy for a 6-foot-11, 232-pound guy to be sneaky!

It didn’t end there either – Villanueva tried to make his way into the Cavs locker room and had to be restrained by police officers! Here’s a clip of the on-court stuff:

Whatever Hollins said, it must have cut Charlie V pretty deep. According to the Free Press, Villanueva was overheard saying to himself “I will kill that dude, I don’t give a (what!)” as he was escorted back to the Detroit locker room.

Here’s what he had to say for himself on Twitter the next day:


It was no Malice at the Palace, but you’ve got to think that the NBA will hand down some type of punishment!

*UPDATE: The NBA has suspended Villanueva for five games, four of which will have to be served at the start of next season.


Looking for a good laugh today (at the expense of someone else, of course)? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re like me, you love a good sports blooper, especially when it comes at a meaningful point in a game (even if it’s a mostly meaningless game)! Guess what? Von Wafer of the Boston Celtics provided us with just such a moment in the final three minutes of a 95-94 overtime loss to the lowly Washington Wizards on Monday!

Wafer gets the ball at the top of the key and drives to the basket, launching himself into the air for what should be a thunderous dunk and a four point lead for the visitors. The problem is, he missed the dunk and the Wizards recovered the ball!

The best part of this blooper though is just how Washington got the ball back.

After Wafer missed on the dunk attempt (fail #1), he proceeded to celebrate under the basket (fail #2), and when he turned to run back up the floor, he bumped into the teammate of his who snagged the rebound and caused him to double dribble (fail hat-trick)!

Was this one worse than the Glen “Big Baby” Davis miss earlier in the year?

What’s the worst basketball blooper you’ve ever seen? Leave me a comment below!

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